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Best Summer Workbooks for Kids

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Summer Workbooks for Kids

These Summer workbooks are sure to help keep your littles on task and help boost their learning throughout the summer.Summer Workbooks for Kids

When our first daughter was starting off her schooling journey, I often wondered if she’ll forget what she has learned throughout the school year once summertime arrives. That is what she has learned in relation to Math concepts, language concepts and Reading. As we’ve added more kids to school and learning, and our first daughter has moved on to upper grades, I came to realize that kids don’t actually forget everything over the summer. Rather, they do build upon what they have learned the previous school year, once the next school year arrives. And the concepts come right back to them once revisited.

Are Summer Workbooks Good for Kids?

Although kids never really forget everything they learned in a certain grade, not everything is retained during the summertime. But it’s not a mandate for kids to do workbooks in the summer. They will catch on. In fact, 2 years ago in 2020, was the first time we did any form of summer workbooks. At that time, we had a 3rd and 1st grader and a preschooler. The kids did an hour’s work a few mornings a week before we went outside to play (whether it was backyard play, bike riding, nature walking, or so). If we had to go out, like drive some to an activity, I didn’t bother have them do the books that morning. But sometimes, out of routine, they just did them anyways. Last year, we were moving and I didn’t even bother with the books to be honest. I think the kids did ask about them though (just because the books were fun). I told them we weren’t going to add them to our schedule this year (last year). And I still have not picked out any for this year yet.

But I do believe that if you choose to go that route, these workbooks once done consistently and properly can:

  • help reinforce learning
  • help them learn concepts they may have missed in that grade
  • help them brush up on concepts that they might not have fully grasped
  • prepares them for the upcoming grade
  • plus it gives them an extra activity to do in the summer

Very Well family noted that educational books are the ideal solution “to prevent learning loss over summer break” or for if “you want to keep your kids academically challenged at home.” Plus, educational workbooks are portable, making them a simple alternative to learning on the road or on vacation. I don’t know about the vacation part:)

At first, your child my resent the idea of summer workbooks but you will have to explain that it’s not meant to be school. Rather, it’s a fun way to boost their learning during the summer. The workbooks I choose are meant to be relaxed and fun because after all, it’s summer. The kids have been in school with books all year long and will need a break. Choose books that are fun, easy to understand, and ones that they will enjoy. If the books become a source of frustration, I send them back or set them aside and find something else.

Summer Bridge books are a popular choice among many. They are meant to bridge the gap between what the kids previously learned, summer time, and their next upcoming grade. As Math Mania puts it, “Basically, these workbooks reinforce what students should have learned the previous school year. This way, if the teachers didn’t teach the material or if students didn’t have enough time to grasp the concepts, kids will have another chance for learning and review.”

Summer Workbooks for Kids

What Should I Teach My Child in the Summer?

Your child may just need to reinforce the basics, Reading, Writing, Math. If you have a struggling reader, it would be a good idea to take some time in the summer to help that child with reading. So is it with Math and writing and Language too. Is your child struggling with letter formation? Have him/her practice some letter tracing books a few days a week.

Other Fun Summer Activity Books

We have also used activity books such coloring books, drawing pads, sticker books, etc. as activities during the summertime. These books are not necessarily meant to do during summer only but they are fun to add to the summer activities. There are times when you will be at home and your kids may need a sit-down activity or they may want to draw or color. Having some new books will get them excited and motivated to use them. These activity books are great for helping develop their motor and elective skills. Who doesn’t want to learn to draw?:)

Summer Workbooks for Kids

Should My Kids Do a Workbook or Activity Book Daily?

For summer learning, it’s mainly a booster. The kids don’t have to do this daily. I’d suggest you choose some days and have your child do them on these particular days. For example, you could have them do 3 days a week of activity books, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday (or Wednesday). Hey, Fridays are always free days in the summer right? I think 3-4 days is ideal. Some of these days, they may not even get to the books depending on what you have going on for the day. But these books are nice to have on hand.

Activity books such as the coloring books & sticker books can be used whenever the kids want to. Our kids would use their books during rest time, morning, afternoon and even night time. They are fun to use anytime.

Summer Workbooks for Kids

Recommended Summer Workbooks for Kids

Below is a list of workbooks (and activity books) we have used during the summer. Our kids have loved most but you can test out a few to see what will work for your kids. These books are not very expensive. Most run between $3 – $10. However, I have found that not all kids workbooks are created equal – not created in an easy to understand way according to age. You might find it helpful to look through the books to see if your kids are able to understand them before using. Send them back if they aren’t a good fit and get something else. I have done the same with some of these.

Summer Books for Kids

School Zone Books (Click here for the full list)

(I love these books so much; got one for each of the kids for Preschool and Kinder and now 1st grade).

Preschoolers & Kindergarteners

1st Grade

2nd Grade

3rd Grade

Brain Quest Books (Full list here)


K-1st Grade

1 & 2 Grades

2 & 3rd Grades

3rd & 4th Grades

4th & 5th Grades

5th & 6th Grades

Highlights (full list here)

(They even have cut & paste, Steam activity books & other fun books for the kids)


Preschool & Kindergarten


K-1st Grades

1st Grade

1st-2nd Grades

2nd Grade

Summer Bridge Books (check out all grades here)

Grades 3-4

Grades 4-5

Grades 5-6

Grades 6-7

Grades 7-8

Grades 8-9

(You can also check out the HeadStart Workbooks here)

Learning to Draw Books & Sketch Books

The Drawing Book for Kids: 365 Daily Things to Draw

How to Draw 101 Animals

How to Draw for Kids

The Gorgeous How to Draw Book for Girls

Learn to Draw… Unicorns, Mermaids & More

Sketch Book for Kids

Out of Space Sketch Book

Coloring & Activity Books

Unicorn Coloring & Activity Book for Kids Ages 4-8

Video Review of the Books Listed Above

I found this Youtube video review by one mom that might give you some more insights on the books I recommended. It’s funny how she has the same brand of books in her video.

Summer Learning Workbooks for kids

I don’t want to add too much brand variation to this list but just the main one’s we’ve used. Hopefully, you can find one through this list that will work for your little ones this summer.

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Summer Workbooks for Kids

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