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Home Management Toolbox

Best Homemaking and Home Organization Products

Managing a home is no easy task, however, as women we are called to be wise and to look well to the ways of our household (Proverbs 14:1 & Proverbs 31:27). There are many homemaking resources, products and tools on the market that can make our jobs easier. Here are some of my favorites. Cooking, cleaning and organizing our home has been made so much easier with these resources, especially in the most highly trafficked areas of our home. I hope these items will help you as much as they help our family. These products are linked with my Amazon affiliate links for your convenience.

My Home Management Tools

Best Kitchen Tools and Organizers

Instant Pot – I cannot recommend this product enough for busy moms who don’t have time to cook. My husband brought this as a gift to me and it’s such a help for quick yet very healthy meals. Get meals on the table in 15-20 minutes. Heading out for the day, don’t want to eat dinner out but forgot to put on the crockpot? The instant pot will be your best friend. Throw all the ingredients in and it will cut your crockpot cooking in 3/4 minutes of the time.  holiday gift guide for moms and homemakers

Instant Pot Recipes – This book will get you started with tons of Instant Pot meals. Just look at the image and you can see some examples of what you can make with an Instant Pot. You can even bake some of your favorite desserts in an Instant Pot.

Instant Pot cookbook

Stainless Steel Kitchen Utensil Set – Need some good cooking utensils and measuring spoons? Check out these sets below. This utensil set comes with some of our most used cooking tools and even has it’s own holder to keep everything in one place. Right next to the stove:)

stainless steel utensil set

Measuring Spoons

measuring spoons

Stackable Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls – These stackable bowls are another set that I cannot recommend enough. I bought a set a few years ago and we still have them. They don’t even have one scratch and function so well for mixing up all kinds of things. I use the large one to mix bread a ton.

mixing bowls

Pryex Mixing Bowls – I love these for mixing and heating up food. They are freezer safe, oven save, microwave safe. They make such great serving bowls, too.

pyrex bowls

Utopia Kitchen Towels – Kitchen towels are something a home’s got to have. I love this neutral set. I bought some similar one in Aqua. Mine are thick and of a strong quality.

kitchen towels

Sponge Holder – The kitchen sponge or dish towel is something that I think shouldn’t be thrown around the kitchen counter. You could use a bowl or tray to hold it but when I do that, I always find myself having to wash that bowl frequently. It’s great to have an item that drains the water after the sponge or dish towel is used. This one attaches to the inside of the sink.

kitchen sponge holder

sponge holder

Best Cleaning Rags and Products for Home

Cleaning Caddy – Keep all your cleaning supplies in one place with a cute cleaning caddy. It’s one of my best items that I use for cleaning. I don’t have to wonder around trying to find items when I need to clean. Take it to various rooms to get the job done. I have one downstairs and in each of our upstairs bathroom.

cleaning caddy


Microfiber Cleaning Rags – Don’t think we could ever have too may cleaning rags. There’s ALWAYS something to clean right? We have used and have some microfiber leaning rags and they do such a great job.

cleaning rags


Method Cleaning Products– Typically, I make my own DIY all-purpose cleaning solutions but I have used the Method brand of cleaners and they do clean very well. In fact, I still use some products from that line.

cleaning products

Amber Glass Spray Bottles – If you are into mixing your own cleaning products, these Amber bottles are great for doing just that. I make my DIY all-purpose cleaning sprays and have one of these spray bottles in the kitchen and also in both of our upstairs cleaning caddies.

Amber Glass bottles


Best Home Organization Products

Glass Jars with Bonus Labels – I use these jars for organizing all kinds of products such as beans, peas, coffee, tea, etc. I use the larger ones below to organize flour, sugar, rice, cereal, pasta, you name it.

glass food storage jars

Glass Jars – These are definitely some of my favorites – I have way too many of them! But I love them and they help keep the kitchen organized. You can also use them to store craft supplies, hair accessories, bathroom needs (such as cotton balls), laundry supplies, just about anything that can fit into a jar.

Anchor glass storage jars

Small White Baskets –  These are so great for organizing inside drawers, kitchen, bathroom, office, etc. We have a lot stock of them for organizing our drawers.

organizing baskets

Woven Baskets – Baskets are a no-fail. Use them to organize all the little miscellaneous items that seem to be collected in areas such as the entryway.

woven baskets

Baskets – Large baskets are great for organizing blankets, throw pillows, clothing, towels, bedding, pantry items, kids toys, you name it. I love using them around the house for these various reasons.

woven baskets

Small Plastic Storage Bins – Anything from shoes, craft supplies, bathroom items, could be stored in these bins (see second image).

storage bins

storage bins

Large Plastic Storage Bins – 56 Quart and comes in a set of 4. These are great for storing things in you only use once in a while such as holiday decor. If you don’t have a linen closet and low on closet space, these could be used to store your sheets, towels, blankets that you use weekly.

large storage bins

Entryway Coat rack for Kids– My kids love this little coat rack. It’s sturdy and they can reach it. However, our first one got a little disoriented during moving. I ordered a taller rack that looked more adult-ish and it has been very unsteady. So I reordered this little that the kids seems to help the kids coat organization much better.

kids coat rack

Cubicals – We have a ton of these cubicals all around the house. My very first buy was for the girls when they shared a room as tiny ones. They still have those. I have long since added some for organizing toys, the entryway, shoes, books, etc.

cubical organizer

Foldable Fabric Baskets– These foldable fabric baskets go well with the cubical system. I bought a set together with our first cubical organizer and we use them to keep the girls clothing.

Foldable fabric baskets

foldable baskets & cubicals

3-Tier Rolling Cart – This cart is a more recent buy to keep the kids art and coloring but I’ve decided against that and now using it to keep other supplies. It is so versatile and can be used in the kitchen, laundry room, office, bedroom, bathroom, and pretty much any little corner in the home.

rolling cart

Storage Cart – All of the kids craft supplies are kept in this little organizer. I love that they can just open any drawer and find what they need. This is great for organizing all the little office supplies, too.

cart organizer storage cart

Shoe Organizer – Tell me your entryway (with no built-ins) is totally organized and you are not constantly trying to figure out a better shoe organizing system. And I’ll tell you that I have the right shoe organizers for you. This is one that we have. It hold a lot of shoes, too.

shoe rack organizer

Wire Shelving – These are the shelves we currently have in our basement. We used them to organize our garage in our previous house and since we don’t have a garage, we now store everything in the basement. These heavy duty shelves help keep everything organized. We use some of the plastic storage bins mentioned about to keep some things contained before storing them on the shelves.

wire shelving organization garage organization

Healthy Home Helpers

Essential Oil Diffuser Kit – We’ve been using Essential Oils for quite a while now and we love them. I don’t sell them but do recommend them if you’d like to try them for your home. We mix them with an oil such as coconut to rub on our skin for cuts, bruises, colds, tummy aches and the like. Most of all, we love diffusing various kinds depending on our needs (example – energy boost, anxiety relief, allergy relief).

essential oil diffuser

Essential Oil Diffuser – We currently have 3 Essential oil diffusers, in the kid’s room, in our room, and one downstairs. I love these for difussing various kinds of Essential oils.

essential oil diffuserI hope you found the list helpful and you found something here you have not tried before that could benefit your own home. If there is area in your home that you have trouble with and didn’t see a suitable solution on this list, let me know via email and we can help you find a solution. Check out my list of Kids favorites here.

Best Homemaking and Home Organization Products

She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness (Proverbs 31:27).