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IKEA Brimnes Cabinet in the Dining Room

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See how the IKEA BRIMNES Cabinet is helping with our kitchen and dining room storage solution

ikea brimnes cabinet

How We’re Using the IKEA BRIMNES Cabinet for Extra Storage

Among several others, one of the things I miss having in our new home as compared to our old home is some extra storage – a garage, a storage closet, a linen closet, or something, anything of that nature to store items we use frequently but cannot seem to fit them in any place else. Our new new house has ZERO extra storage. I mean nothing. Nada. NIL! Even our large entryway has no closet. What is this? We’ve spent many weekends searching the stores hoping to find something that would work. I’ve also searched over and over on line for storage items that would fulfill the lack of storage in our home. While I’ve come across some items I thought looked possible but the cost  were  over  our  budget.  We  were  happy  to  find  the IKEA  BRIMNES cabinet while searching  for  another  storage  piece  at  that  day. ikea brimnes cabinet

The cabinet was reasonably priced and seemed like a good buy at the time. Actually, my husband spotted it first and thought it would make a good little addition to our lack of storage dilemma. Since the price was not too bad I decided we could try it. The cabinet took at least over an hour to assemble. It only has 3 shelves but two of  them are adjustable. You may notice that the bottom shelf (part of the frame) looks different from the top two (the top two shelves are smooth at the front, that’s how the bottom shelf is supposed to look). My husband mistakenly put the unfinished looking side on the reverse while building the frame. He only noticed it was a mistake after he added in the upper two removable shelves. We didn’t see the need to dis-assemble the entire cabinet just to fix that one small glitch. It’s not that of a biggie since the door stays closed anyways. I’m just happy to have the storage.

Does it Fit the Space We Imagined it In?

My first goal was to get a nice buffet for the dining room. However, some of the ones I looked into seemed to be way too long for the space I wanted it to go. This cabinet fit this opposite corner of the dining room perfectly as if it was made for the space. However, I’ve recently moved it just slightly to the other side of the kitchen to see if it would work better. I have not decided if I’ll keep it there quite yet. But it does come in handy as a storage piece for items like table cloth, place mats and other serving items, and larger kitchen appliances that all couldn’t fit in the kitchen cabinets. Our kitchen is not super small but is not really large either. Having the extra cabinet has made organizing so much better. Before that I was constantly moving things around trying to see where they would work best. Since the cabinet I have not had to do so – they’ve finally found their home.

ikea brimnes cabinet

ikea brimnes cabinet

Weight and Durability

The cabinet feels light enough to move around but at the same time, as with IKEA’s furniture, made well-made and sturdy enough to hold serving dishes and some other heavy kitchen appliances (think crock pots, instant pots, blenders, and items of such weight).

If you have a small space in your kitchen or dining room and need a little extra storage, this cabinet might be a good fit. You can learn more about the description, price, weight, and capacity here on IKEA’s website. We  also  bought  another  piece  for  the  entryway,  but  that’s for  another  post.ikea brimnes cabinet

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IKEA Brimnes Cabinet Small Space Solutions

What kind of storage does your home needs? Have you tried any of IKEA’s furniture if there is a store in reach where you are? Would love to know your thoughts in the comments.

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