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Birthdays & Parties

DIY Emoji Pillows – Emoji Birthday Craft

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Make these Emoji Pillows for a kids craft at a birthday party, or to give as a gift, or to keep at home and you’ll love them!

DIY Emoji Pillow

How to Make an Emoji Pillow

What you’ll need:

  • Felt (2 pieces for each pillow)
  • Fabric glue (actually, a strong enough glue to glue felt firmly and quickly)
  • Bowl or round item for tracing
  • Black highlighter
  • Scissors
  • Pillow stuffing

DIY emoji pillows


  • Place a round item large enough to size you desire over a piece of felt. Trace around it with a black highlighter (Use that piece of felt as a pattern to make the other cut-outs).
  • Place the felt with the circle drawing over 2-3 other pieces of felts.
  • Cut them out together.
  • Cut out more circles by repeating the same with the original cut out piece with the drawing
  • Trim out rough ends as needed


DIY emoji pillows

Circle Pattern

DIY emoji pillows

Place Over Other Felt and Cut-Out

DIY emoji pillows

Use black felt to cut out round eyes, mouths, glasses, mustaches, etc.

DIY emoji pillows

Use red felt to cut out tiny hearts for heart eyes

DIY emoji pillows

This is what I did for the party. Once I had everything cut out, I laid them out on the table. I stuck to a basic 2-pattern to make cutting them out easier. Each kid got 2 large circles, a mouth and a choice to between heart eyes or regular circles for eyes.

DIY emoji pillows

The kids would then:

  • Use felt glue to stick on the eyes and mouth
  • Then they would glue the two circles together leaving an opening to put the stuffing
  • Once the glue is dried enough, fill the pillows with stuffing (just enough not too much that the opening wouldn’t be able to close)
  • Glue openings
  • Let the pillow dry.

Our kids used them on their beds for decorations. I didn’t get photos of all the kids creations at the party so I only have the finished “used” ones from our kids. One of them made a heart-eyes pillow but I think she already too off the eyes. It was so cute, though. It was my aim to take photos of them earlier but I somehow forgot:(

DIY Emoji Pillows

The final product. I got to say though that the fabric glue didn’t work as fast as we would have loved it too. We ended up stapling some of the kids craft together to get them to hold. Other than that, they turned out OK. The kids loved them.

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