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Food Jar Labels – Organize Your Pantry & Food Cupboards

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Get your kitchen organized with these clean and simple food jar labels. You’ll know exactly what you have and your kitchen will love lovely! This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links I’ll receive a tiny compensation at no further cost to you.

pantry food labels free printables

I’ve been organizing our cupboards and pantry because it really makes a difference in the way we eat when they are organized. It also helps us save money by knowing what is in our pantry rather than re-purchasing things that we have hidden under piles of disorganized stuff in the pantry or hidden in the back of our cupboards and that have long been forgotten. My favorite food organizing items are jars and some baskets. Food jars are really great for organizing dry staples. Not only do they keep them from falling all over the place but they look pretty and make getting to the ingredients so much easier. With some added labels, they will even ‘look’ a bit more organized and make ‘unidentifiable’ ingredients more ‘identifiable’ (think foods such as the varying types of white flour – Bread Flour, All-Purpose Flour).

Pantry Labels for Food Jars

I created the labels with a simple yet classy design because ‘why not’? Before I settled on this design, I tried a few other styles and colors to see what I loved best. While the others would look great, I am loving the non-complicated look of these ones. They are plain and will work with any type of color scheme.

Food Labels for pantry feature

My biggest obstacle in getting the labels done was the formatting and printing. My first inclination was to use regular plain mailing labels (from the store), create my labels with preferred font and color, then print them on mailing labels. I actually bought the mailing labels and started creating my customized labels like last summer. I created a few sheets in a light shade of grey and blue but got stuck on the printing. Maybe it’s just me, but I could not get the labels to line up properly to be able to print them out on the already pre-made mailing labels. They have to line up well in the document so that they would print out well on the sheet of pre-made labels. Out of my wits with this thing, I left it alone and did not attack it again until a few weeks ago. Same problem occurred so I started to look for other options.

Avery Printable Sticker Paper

In my search, I randomly typed in something on Amazon and came across these Sticker Project Paper. I could not be happier! They were exactly what I was looking for even though, I had no idea it existed. For real – it was like discovering gold. Not really. But this was so much easier to work with than the pre-made mailing labels that I was trying to print on. With my newly discovered sticker paper there is no lining up. As you can see on the package, these are 8.5 x 11 inches – the same size of regular printer paper! All I needed to do was create my labels, pop these Avery Avery sticker paper in the printer and print them out (in the best color setting). This paper is great for labeling jars (any kind), plastic containers and baskets or anything that will cater for a sticky surface. I tried in on wicker baskets but it does not hold but works great on other surfaces. It’s definitely my new favorite!

AVERY Sticker Paper

Here is a side-by-side shot of the paper showing the front of it (left) and the back of it (right). The back part is the sticky part of the paper. It’s kind of like contact paper where you peel off the back before attaching it to something.

Avery sticker paper front and back

It’s a simple print, cut, peel and stick method (see the following step-by-step images). I’m always careful to remove extras from the printer if I am going to print something else. I don’t want my good paper to go to waste – it’s happened before with a sheet or two. Something else printed out on them that was not meant for this kind of paper:(

Pantry Food Labels

Food Labels

Pantry food labels with Avery sticky paper

Another great thing about the Avery sticker paper is that it is easy to re-position and remove. It does not ‘stick’ to the jars and create a mess when trying to remove. If a label does not look right, it’s easy to remove it for fixing or for using on a different jar.

Pantry Labels for food

Organizing with Pantry Labels

I’m really loving this sticker paper for labels and I intent to get more if I run out. Not that I’m going around creating labels for the entire house but these are just great to have around for when the need arises. I’m thinking they would work really well for labeling items in parties (birthdays, showers, etc.) and also for gifting too. If you like giving homemade gifts, these could be used to label a jar or can for gifting or even for writing the instructions of how to use the gift and sticking it on the packaging.

Anyway, my intent was not to promote the sticker paper but it is just so easy to work with. My food cupboards are organized for the most part and these labels are a highlight on the food jars. Note: Not all of the jars are labeled. It’s easy to tell what’s in many of them without a label. But some of them got labels because I needed to distinguish what was in them and others got labeled because it makes them look ‘organized’ and uniformed.

Food Jar Labels

These labels are free for downloading. They come in two different sizes. The larger ones shown here are 3″ H x 3.5 L” and the smaller ones (not pictured but same design) are 2″ H x 3″ L. I’ve also included some blank labels so you could write in your own words if you prefer (we may not all have the same things in our pantry/cupboard or we may choose to label other things). These blank labels will be great to use for things in other areas of your home. Print as many blank sheets as necessary.

Download larger labels here: Food Jar Labels 3×3.5

Food Jar Labels Large 3x35 Inches

Download smaller labels here: Food Jar Labels 2×3 Inches

Food Jar Labels 2x3 Inches

You can find these easy sticker paper here (affiliate link) to print the labels. Simply add a few sheets to your printer and print them out like you would a regular document. Cut out each label, peel off the sticky back and attach them to whatever they would stick on.

Food Jar Labels - Organize your Pantry and Food Cupboards

Are you a fan of food jar labels? How would you use these labels? I’d love to hear in the comments?

She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness (Proverbs 16:3).

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2 thoughts on “Food Jar Labels – Organize Your Pantry & Food Cupboards

  1. I can never get my labels to line up when I try to print them. I didn’t even know this sticker paper existed. I’ll have to order some from Amazon. I love that you can make any shape labels you want and print them on this paper. I’m in the middle of spring cleaning my pantry and this will come in handy.

    1. So glad to make you know of something that works better than trying to get the pre-made labels to line up. Hope your pantry cleaning goes well – and hope these will help:)

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