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How to Organize a Small Corner for Homeschooling

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Keep your child or children’s homeschool materials organized with these few small space organizing tips

Homeschool - With Homeschool Organization - At Home With Zan

This year, we decided to homeschool our first-grader as opposed to last year when she went out to Kindergarten. I know everyone has an opinion about whether or not homeschooling is OK for kids but we’ll not go into that as I do believe that every family does what is best for their kids and for their them as a whole.

But for homeschool, I wanted to have everything set up nicely before we get started. I planned to decorate the walls with charts and words and all the fun classroom items. But instead of just random things I had planned to go with a theme. What ended up happening is that once I started adding items to the wall I felt the need to just step back and stop. I didn’t feel like adding much anymore. After all, it was going to be doubling as a school room and playroom with too many things in it already.

Homeschool - Homeschool Room Organization - At Home With Zan-

Let me explain a little about how the room was set up

The school room images are after I’d move things around. Shortly after we began schooling, I realized that the playroom and school room together was probably not the wisest idea. So I moved a few things around to see if I could do a better set-up. I had some bookshelves in the corner where these metal shelves are but moved them out to a different corner. But moving things around was not the solution. The solution was to separate the rooms – separate work from play. Our daughter could not concentrate well while the other kids were playing beside her. Plus the table was too large for the room and we had too many large toys in the room to even find space to fit after I decided to double the room.

Homeschool - Homeschool Room Organization - Books and School Essentials - At Home With Zan

Homeschool - Homeschool Room Organization - At Home With Zan

In addition to her not being able to concentrate, I was constantly walking back and forth into this room to help her get work done. My original plan was to take the morning off and just hang out in the school room doing school all morning. After day one, I realized that was not going to work out too well, either. I had two other kids who would need attention, too. It was not practical for them to play in the room all day. I mean, of course they were free to play where-ever they wanted to in the house but they most-likely would want to play close by.

Our second daughter (pre-school) was going to do some un-official homeschool but we chose to hold back with her. She started off on day one and did a few days. So to accommodate all, what I ended up doing was something I thought I would ‘never’ do – taking the school books to the breakfast table. Gasp! I’ve seen others do that on their kitchen table or dining table. To me it seemed like a hassle to have all the books on the table, remove them for meals, put them back for school, repeat….. But the breakfast table ended up being the most practical choice for us when the playroom didn’t work out too well. We’ve also worked from the kitchen island and that is OK too but I found that I needed that space more often since it is in the center of the kitchen. In addition, we do have a dining room but we choose to just be out in the opened area.

Homeschooling - Homeschool Organization - At Home With Zan

Small Space Organization 

Since school is done from the breakfast table, I had to keep it organized to keep school supplies from ending up all over the place and to control what ended up on the table. I used to keep their art supplies in a shelf right in that corner. You can view the post here on how to organize an art station for kids. But here is the homeschool set-up I did in this small corner. (I’ve moved the things on the wall to another location close by and the baskets to organize another location. I have another shelf in place of the book shelf here but this little corner has become the school corner).

Small Space Organization: It’s not a big set-up but EVERYTHING we need to complete a general day’s worth of school is right here in this corner:

  • books
  • notebooks
  • pencils
  • sharpeners
  • erasers
  • rulers
  • crayons
  • globe
  • practice clock
  • other learning manipulative, etc.

I keep extra materials that we only use once in a while in the playroom/school room. Art projects are completed with our art supplies stored in kitchen cabinets.

-Homeschool - Homeschool Organization - At Home With Zan-

Our small space organization is working out so well for us at the moment. Our daughter feels so much better working from the breakfast table rather than what we first began with in the playroom. Our other two kids feel so much better playing out in the open rather than just in the playroom. Furthermore, I can keep an eye on all of them, help meet their needs and also be productive in other ways at home all “at the same time.” Maybe not at the same time but hopefully, you got the idea.

Bonus to having the space organized: Another bonus to having the spaced organized is that the school supplies are not all over the breakfast table. When she is done with one book or so we put it back on the shelf and pull out the other one we need. At most, she may have two to three books on the table at once. For lunch, we simply move any remaining school supplies from the table back to shelf. After lunch, we take whatever book we need for the next lesson.

Also Note: This little set-up may change to a console table behind the couch with bins rather than the shelf we have now. We’ll see how it works out.

Homeschooling and Homeschool Organization - At Home With Zan=

Homeschooling and Homeschool Organization - At Home With Zan

You Too Can Have Your Small Homeschooling Space Organized

I am just a beginner at homeschool and we’re only doing one child so most likely we don’t have all kinds of materials that other homeschoolers have yet. A small space is good for us now. If you are a beginner like me and have just one or two kids to homeschool, you may not need a big space for it either. So if you feel like your child’s (or children’s) work is all over the place you can definitely get it organized. Here are my tips:

  • Find a corner of your home that is unused
  • get a small bookshelf or other shelf
  • get a few baskets
  • get a few smaller organizers

And get to organizing. Both you and your child will feel so much better, you’ll know where everything is when needed and you won’t waste time trying to find them. Even more so, school will be much more productive.

Homeschooling - Homeschool Organization - Books and Essentials - At Home With Zan


How to Organize a Small Corner - for Homeschooling - At Home With Zan-

Do you homeschool? Do you need a larger space for it or just a smaller space for work to be done?

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