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New Blog Design and a “Thank You” Giveaway

Thanks for Sharing!

Check the New Blog Design and enter to win a Thank You Giveaway!

Hi friends! Happy Summer! How’s everyone doing? It’s been a while since we’ve last connected. Things have been such a worldwide these past few months. I’ve wanted to reconnect with you for a while but couldn’t get around to doing so. If you stopped by the blog and saw this image, then you most-likely saw that the site was down.


New Blog Design

We started off with a blog design maker-over with Smash Creative in February and was hoping to be done Mid-March. I thought that would have been the “perfect” time to do a Giveaway for my readers since it was also around the time of my birthday. But my blog wasn’t ready and my “perfect” blog timing was not God’s perfect timing. Unfortunately, we lost my dad and everything was placed on hold.

Losing Dad

We lost my father in March and waited until the beginning of May to bury dad and say our goodbyes. This long wait was mainly for travel purposes between families. My dad lived abroad so we along with siblings and other relatives had to travel from the U.S. Coordinating travel plans to accommodate everyone took it’s toll. I (along with my immediate family) was ready to travel the moment dad passed. Anyways, once everything was settled in that regards, we were able to move on, not in the sense of getting over it because there’s nothing like grieving a loved one’s lost but in the sense of trying to pick up ourselves and continue on.

Working to Finish the Blog Design

In the following weeks after everything was settled and we flew back home, husband back to work, kids back to school, real #momlife back to normal, I tried to finish off the blog design but it took way longer than expected (or was it to be expected)? Smash Team did a wonderful job with the site but there were many areas that needed to be tie-up on my end to get the blog up and running again. We’re here in June at the onset of Summer and I still have to finish off a few odds and ends. But you know what? I’ve decided that loose ends or not, we are just going to go live. I’ll keep fixing those little loose ends as I go along. The main work is done and that is what matters.

New Blog Design -

Thank You and Giveaway of $150

So…..To celebrate the fresh new blog design with all of it’s beautiful functions and as a “Thank you” to you my readers for being so loyal, I’m giving away $150 to one winner. You have been loyal to my family and I and to our blog. This blog cannot operate successfully without you – you read, you comment, you use my affiliate links, etc. So yes, you do help to keep it running or else, what is the point of blogging for others if no one reads it? And while I’d like each one of you to win the giveaway, I know this isn’t possible. So “Thank You” so much for being here. I appreciate each one of you.

To enter the giveaway, follow the Rafflecopter instructions below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks for Sharing!
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