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School Year 2022 – For The Turner Kids

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Back to school is upon us. Below you’ll read about what we are doing with our kids schooling this year, 2022.

How are you doing moms? Here’s to hoping you had a good summer with your littles and that your school year is off to a good start. Our summer was a consumed with moving and our school year started out a bit on the rough side. But we thrive by grace and just keep moving forward.

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Elementary and Middle School This Year

This school year 2022, the children are off to school. We are here at the Middle School age. Ah, just can’t imagine!! For years, I’ve watched children go to middle school when our kids weren’t there at that stage yet. I clearly remember when our now Middle Schooler was in second grade and our second daughter was in Kindergarten. They both attended one of the local Public schools in our area. At the bus stop, there was a mom who had 3 kids in school at the time. Her two girls who came at the stop were in 5th and the other in 3rd. Her son, was in 6th grade in a different location. The fact that the middle school was separated and she had to figure out two separate schools boggled my mind. I mean it really did. I didn’t understand how it all worked at the time since our kids were much smaller. I also had a little boy who was 3 and not in school. All I wanted to do was have our children in one school and one close enough to get to. I had such anxiety about taking the kids to different school locations. I couldn’t imagine that.

Yet, here we are 4 years later, with the eldest starting Middle school and the other two, one entering 4th grade and our little boy in 1st. And…. she is in a separate school than the other two. Ah, I just can’t handle it; all this growing up and school running around instead of enjoying our slow, playful days at home. Can you hand it mom? The kids just seem to grow up too fast. It really is a true saying. But I guess one’s gotta grow and we just got to keep on keeping on and doing what is best for them, right?

Aren’t You Homeschooling this Year?

We decided to take a step back from homeschooling this year. There are several reasons we had to make a change. The past few years, we enjoyed the comforts of homeschooling but last year was a tough one. Homeschooling didn’t feel the same anymore. It sort of felt like we were just trying to get through the day. I was overwhelmed with so many other family things apart from homeschooling. I wasn’t my best and the kids weren’t enjoying

What exactly is getting through the day if you’re homeschooling? Aren’t you controlling how things are done. I thought you didn’t need to follow a schedule or you just do one small activity and call it homeschool. No? NO! Let me clarify.

There are many theories our there of what homeschooling should look like. It could be play-based, exploring-based, making muddy-puddles and stamping in the rain based, etc. . . . . . It seems like anything but book-based. However, our girls were at the level where playing and exploring all day wasn’t going to work for homeschooling. They needed something solid and they needed to work on the core subjects. They needed to read, write and learn Math concepts that was more than just measuring while we cooked, or counting money while we shopped, and such forms of Math. So if our homeschooling was mainly play-based, then maybe we would not feel like we were just trying to check off a box. Yet because we had to settle down at some point for core learning, things felt a little (I mean a lot) stretched and like we were just trying to get through the day.

And don’t forget, not all States are equal on the homeschooling requirements. Here where we are, we are required to join Groups and Associations and turn in grades at the end of the school year. Did I just hear you say – “well you don’t have to actually do that?”. OK. Maybe so, but what about if for some reason you need to transfer your child from Homeschooling to school out of the home? The school will ask you for their homeschooling records. Just saying. Trust me on that one. So let’s do this right mamas. If you are homeschooling, just try to fulfill your state’s or country’s requirements.

How are the Children Doing in School Now?

The children have had mixed emotions as they go to school – some days they love it and other days, they want to stay home. Overall, they seem fine. I usually speak to them about their day when they come home and ask if they are enjoying school. I get answers like:

  • I’m enjoying school
  • I like school now
  • Sometimes I don’t want to go to school but once I’m there, I start to enjoy it
  • School is too long
  • Does school have to be 6 hours? Why can’t it be one or two hours? (That question is a constant).
  • Can we stay home today?
  • Can you sign me out of school?

How Am I Doing Now that the Kids are in School?

I have mixed emotions also. Some days am ok and other days I long to be in a place where we could homeschool again. I really enjoy the quiet and can now understand other moms sentiments. I can get more done (when I’m motivated). But sometimes I do miss the kids, though.

In any event, changes may not always be what we desire but sometimes they can be just the thing we need both for others and for ourselves.

She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness (Proverbs 16:3).

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