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50 Summer Activities for Kids and Families

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50 Summer Activities for Kids and Families

Looking for fun activities to do with your kids and your family this summer? I have the perfect list for you! If you are wondering “How do I keep my child entertained during the summer” or “What kids can do at home in the summer”, I’ve got you covered.

Summer Activities, Bucket List

Summertime is almost here again (Whoo-Hoo) and how will we entertain these little ones? How will you make summer fun at home for them? Thankfully, there are so many activities you can do with the kids (and as a whole family) during the summer, both at home and out. I created a list that has summer activities to do at home, summer activities to do outdoors, and summer activities for various age groups from preschoolers to teenagers. I’m sure you already have some things you do with your kids of course, but there may be something on this list that you haven’t thought about recently or at all. I know I have seen ideas that make me go, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Why You’ll Need A Summer Activity List

I know the kids look forward to summer, after a long year of school. But when the reality of summer days hit, kids start to get bored. Moms and Dads, you need some ideas on hand to help your little ones get through these months. Don’t just have them figure it out all the time. Kids need guidance and sometimes, they need a little boost to help them with their activities.

A Summer Activity List is mainly a guide to help you decide what to do on days when you’ve tried it all and ran out of ideas. I created this list based upon some of our favorite summertime activities and things we’d like to do. I’ve also created a Blank Summer Activity List so you can create your own, if you choose to do so. If you already have ideas of your own (which I’m sure you do), you could copy them down on the blank list and add more from the Summer List to create your one, one that totally works for your family’s lifestyle.

Summer Activities, Bucket List

Summer Activities for Everyone – from Preschoolers to Teenagers

There are activities for everyone, from smaller children to bigger kids and families altogether. You know what your family enjoys best or what you’d like them to try. If you have a range of age groups, some days you could separate the at-home activities. Your younger kids can do certain activities while the bigger ones do something else. Remember, this list is not meant to be an exhaustive list but just something to help everyone during the summer.

There are several ideas I am thinking of as I type, but I think this list will give you lots of ideas. I didn’t want to include too much to overwhelm you. I think 50-ish is a good number to sort through. I even categorized them by what you can do at home and outdoor and grouped some of the activities that go together to make it easy to understand. You’re welcome! You certainly don’t have to do them all. Just pick the ones that seem right for your family and what you enjoy most.

Creating Buzz Around Your Summer Activities

Kids are usually excited for upcoming events and trips. Get them excited about your Summer Activities by creating buzz. As an example, if you are going to do a Backyard Cook-Out at 5pm, let them know. Tell them what’s on the menu (be sure to include their favorites) and they will be anticipating that cook-out all day. It’s a win for you because they will play contentedly all day long too while they wait for that cook-out. Seriously, it’s that simple. But although, I must add, if the kids are not old enough to understand time, then they might keep asking questions like, “When is it time?” Or “Is it time for the cook-out yet?” so you may have to deal with that but don’t sweat it, Mama. But the best win of this “buzz” strategy is that now you won’t have to plan to take them out for that day. Do the same if you are going out later in day, such as out to dinner with dad when he gets home from work. Ah the excitement!

Grab Your Summer Activity List Plus Pin & Save it for Later

Go here to get this Summer Activity List. You’ll get two printables, one with a list of 50 activities and another blank. Hope this helps you much as your kids get ready to come home and you figure out a plan to help you and them with these long beautiful upcoming summer days.

Summer Activities, Bucket List

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