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Christmas Gifts for 12 Year Old Girls

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Wow your 12 Year old little girl with some of the funfest, coolest and most meaningful Christmas gifts she can have at her age.


Christmas Gifts for 12 Year Old Girls

Looking for Christmas Gifts for 12 Year Old Girls? It seems like the older they get the harder it is to pick gifts for them right? They are no longer in the baby, toddler, and little kids phase where any toy goes. Now we’re down to the things that are meaningful, things that help them develop their skills, and things make their personality shine. Ah, those growing up days just nudge at a mama’s heart, don’t they. But we’ve got to let go and move on, and so do they. It’s a phase of life that they are in and we must embrace it. Our eldest is soon to be twelve this end of month so I’m right there with you Mama.

Cool Gifts for 12 Year Old Girls

If you have a little girl who is 12 and looking for some very fun Christmas gifts for her, never fear, my friends. I’ve got you covered with some really cool and fun gifts for 12 Year Old Girls that I think will help them develop their skills and make their personality shine. I love looking for gifts for the kids during the holidays especially because all our kids birthdays are holiday birthdays too, so you’ve come to the right place. I don’t just pick cute stuff for the sake of it; I also look at parent reviews before sharing. Let’s take a look at some cool Christmas gifts for 12 year old girls.

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Christmas Gifts on Wheels

Roller Skate Shoes – Our girls have forever wanted one of these shoes.

Inline Roller Skates – Our Kids each got a roller skate last year. 

Two-Wheel Hoverboard – On the top of our list.

Electric Scooter – I’ve heard that mentioned by the hubby for her.

Bike – Our kids have gotten bikes for Christmas on more than one occasion. But because we lived in colder states, they had to wait until the weather “warmed up” during Spring to use them. However, we got them new bikes this summer since they all needed new ones. It made sense to get them then so they can use them during the hotter months.

Helmet – Don’t forget to grab a good helmet if you purchase a wheeled gift for your little one(s).

Too Cute

Smart Watch for Kids – This would be good for when they are out and about.

Mini Back-Pack Purse Set – So cute!

Calvin Klein Pajamas – Cute PJs are always fun for kids.

Headbands – What little girl doesn’t love looking cute in headbands?!

Fuzzy Bed Slippers – My daughter loves slippers like these.

Star Projector Night Light – Night light and something to gaze at when they’re having trouble falling asleep might be helpful.

Letter Light With Remote – This one can be personalized according to the Letter of the child’s name and can be used as a night light also.

Nail Polish Kit – So fun for little girls.

Emoji Pedi and Mani Nail Art Kit – Our girls had an emoji nail kit and used it over and over again. It was so fun. It’s time for a new one.

Nail Set with Dryer – This nail set includes a dryer, I think they will love it.

Let’s Build

Princess Castle Lego Set – Ages 6-12 

Frozen Ice Palace Lego Set – We have a few of the Frozen Lego sets. They are well made and delivers a very fun finished project.

Getting Creative

Clay Jewelry Kit – I think the girls will enjoy making these clay jewelry pieces.

DIY Journal Set – This journal will be fun to decorate. Then they can use it for writing down thoughts, important dates and events, drawing, etc.

Fun and Helpful

Mood Octopus Plush – I think this will be helpful for a 12 year old, especially now that they are experiencing all kinds of emotions as they grow. And sometimes they don’t want to speak. This might be helpful. My girls picked them up while we were on a trip out of town this week to the Georgia Aquarium. The prices weren’t right – or maybe they were but since we’d already spent a fortune on Souvenirs that day and the day before at 6 Flags, Great America, I decided to wait on these.

A Beloved Toy or Collection – At 12, kids haven’t fully outgrown collecting and playing with cool things when they are home. Is your daughter still into dolls? You can get a cool doll and accessories to go along. These Rainbow High Dolls are popular for this age. Does she love collecting Barbies? Whatever your kid is into, you can get that for her.

Bonus Idea: If your child has been wanting to take a certain class or learn a certain skill, this might be a great idea to gift them the gift of learning that particular skill. Sign them up for that class for a gift they will remember and learn that skill they’ve always wanted to learn.

Note: You can present that gift, then tell them it’s for that class they will be taking after the holidays. They’ll be excited!

Christmas Gifts for 12 Year Old Girls

I hope you’re able to find a few lovely gifts among this Christmas Gift list for your precious little girl. 

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