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Decluttering Your Home for Fall and Why You Should

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I love having a clutter free home. But every so often, the clutter creeps up on me and I don’t even realize it. When we moved, I thought I had gotten rid of lots of stuff that I did not use or did not really enjoy. But apparently, I was wrong. As I was (and still is) in the process of figuring where things should go and what I actually want the space to look like, I am realizing that I still have lots of items that make me feel so cluttered. Maybe not too many items compared to hoarders but still a bit too much for my taste. Trying to find a spot for all the things was bringing me more frustration than I knew it. My solution? Go through all the bins and boxes of decor and clothing items and get rid of the ones we don’t use.

One main set of items that added to my frustration were the loads of wall decor (think picture frames, mirrors, wood signs, etc). I cannot tell you how many times I unpacked them all with intention to hang them up but got discouraged and put them right back in their boxes and bins. There were just too many – I finally decided to set aside some time to sort through them again and do away with the ones that no longer were bringing joy. Some were given away and others got thrown out. I also decluttered a bunch of clothing items that were no longer used but were just filling up space.

It is always helpful to do some decluttering before a new season begins. Personally, I am not a fan of adding clutter upon clutter. Keep in mind that what I consider clutter may not be considered as clutter by others. But I am loving the simplicity before bringing in Fall and I plan to keep it simple. Simple elegance is something I am learning to embrace as too many things tend to make me feel so disorganized. My home is not run as smoothly when things feel out of sorts. 


How about you? Does your home feel cluttered to you? If it does, then maybe it is time to dedicate a few minutes a day to make your home feel lighter again. Remember that clutter to you may only mean a few extra items in your home that you don’t need where as to someone else, loads of items. It boils down to what makes your home happy and what is best for your family. If you need a little bit of motivation, here are five ways you can declutter your home for Fall (or anytime): 

  • Give away or sell good items that are not needed
  • Throw away broken, damaged, not salvageable
  • Clean out and get rid of dust and dirt
  • Switch out seasonal decor
  • Embrace simplicity

Download the free printable five-ways-to-declutter-your-home-for-fall and use as a motivator if you need it.


Your home will look and feel much better. It will create more room and allow the day to day home operations to be a bit smoother. Also, decluttering your home before a new season will help avoid the potential clutter added upon clutter. And as always, if you think that you do not have the time for it, think again. 10 minutes a day goes a long way and you will begin to enjoy your space much better.

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Are you planning on doing some decluttering before ringing in Fall? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments about what you plan to do. Here is to less clutter and more home.


Thanks for Sharing!
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9 thoughts on “Decluttering Your Home for Fall and Why You Should

  1. Absolutely!! Before fall begins, I like to start in my closet. what fits. What doesn’t. What I like and don’t like….
    Then I will move on to my home decor. I’m with you. Less is more
    Happy decluttering

  2. Definitely! Clothes are a must-do that I take on every spring and fall. But I love to do a bit of cleaning and organizing throughout the home in the fall to prep for holidays, entertaining and such!

  3. I totally agree with your great tips! We have just given a lot of clothes for charity, it also makes more space in my home. Actually, Im not a seasonal decorator but i have plan to paint my kitchen for my partner next weekend, it means im removing some summer decors.

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