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Five Ways to Make Home Warm and Cozy During the Colder Months

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I love home and I love making it cozy. In the Fall, when the air starts turning chilly, I immediately start thinking about how I will add coziness and warmth to every area in our home. One of the comments I get from readers is that my home seems so cozy. So, I was recently inspired by Douglas Elliman Real Estate in Sunshine Florida to showcase how I warmed up for the colder months. I thought this would be the perfect time to share more of this subject with you. If you are not aware of Douglas Elliman, they are the fourth largest real estate firm within the US, with offices extended to forty-three countries across the globe. I’d say that is huge.


This post is so fitting for me. As a tropical girl, I always want to be warm and cozy. I have gotten used to the weather changes here in the Midwest and I do enjoy it. (The Fall is just so beautiful). But I learned some things that seem to work well to keep our home warm and cozy during the colder months. And I am sharing five of my favorite with you today. Last year, I shared a similar post where I talked about 6 Ways to Welcome Fall into your Homes. It was a very popular post. You can find it here if you are interested. 

1. Adding Soft Blankets, Throws, Fleece and Quilts 


Nothing says cozy than a soft blanket thrown over a chair. It is warm and inviting and is truly a necessity in the Fall and Winter. I keep lots of them in various places throughout our home. All the kids have blankets of their own, too. Our five year old thinks it is the best thing to crawl under a blanket and get cozy. I have to agree, since most of the times that is exactly what I want to do. I might have gotten myself one of the softest blankets last year. I found it at Ross dress store and let me tell you, I love that blanket.


Last winter, it was my go-to blanket that I used to crawl up on the couch to type or to watch holiday movies when our kids took naps. I brought it up into our bedroom and love it on my bed. Talk about soft. One cannot go wrong with soft blankets, throws, quilts, etc during these colder season. I even extended my blanket reach beyond inside the home and into our car and van for the kids. It is something I have done since our first kid. They love to cover up with their blankets in their car seats to stay nice and toasty when we are out and about during the colder months. On occasion, you can find me doing the same thing while my husband is driving.

2. Layering with Rugs and Floor Mats


If you have hardwood floors, you know how cold they could be during the colder months. Have you ever gotten out of bed in the early morning and stepped on cold hardwood floors? I have in our previous home. Occasionally, the temps dropped way down during the night and everything got so cold. That’s when the rugs came in handy. I know it may not be ideal to layer all over your home if all it has is hardwood floors. Choose the areas that are heavily trafficked and add a rug or two. Your feet will thank you.

By the way, if you have small kids who are constantly on the floor, I’d say go for it. They definitely will need that extra padding and warmth in their play area. And if you don’t have hardwood floors, rugs and mats are still great to have when it gets colder. They will add that extra cozy feel that just seems to go hand in hand with Fall and winter. The rug shown is one I bought last Fall for our previous home. The living room was laid with hardwood floors and I really needed to warm up the space during the cooler months. We also had a little crawler on hand. Currently, we don’t have hardwood floors but I still love laying with this rug over the carpet in the living room. In fact, I might have kept it out every season. 

3. Adding Throw pillows


Throw pillows are great for changing the look of a room. Instantly! They really are easy decorative accents. If you find the right ones, of course. And they will add that extra coziness and warmth while providing support and comfort while laying down. So they are decorative and quite functional at the same time.

Currently, I think I have too many of them!! I have a ton of navy blues, whites, and gold, and the kids have their own purple, pink, and blue. I brought in some gold during the Fall. But now I am considering investing in a few pillow covers to change them out. The gold is nice but not sure I like it against our already oh so colorful living room. But adding a couple throw pillows is always a great way to transform a room and make it look cozy. Only a few will do. No need for a chair full and no place to sit. My couch looks filled with pillows now but I have moved the pillows to make room for sitting. 

4. Adding Indoor Heat (apart from heating and insulating)

  • Lighting the Fireplace Occasionally 


Adjusting the thermometer for indoor heating and insulation during colder months is a given. But other times, the gentle glow of a lighted fireplace brings such a wonderful feeling. I love it so. Basically, if I could have the fireplace on for a few minutes every day during Fall and winter, it would be nice. We have to watch the gas and energy bills so turning it on daily is not the most practical. But it is always nice to bring in some fireplace warmth on a chilly night. The kids love to put on PJs and get all snuggly while watching the glow and getting warmed up. And we may or may not make some s’mores in the process.

  • Lighting Candles

I love having lit candles at home during the Fall whether they are scented or not. They add such ambiance to a space and really makes it so warm and inviting. 


5. Adding Window Curtains 


Curtains are a great way to add privacy and warmth to a room and make it feel cozy. I love the look of curtains. Remember my curtain story I shared here a few weeks ago? I really do feel that they complete a room but that’s my opinion. When we moved here during the summer we ended up with so many more windows than we could imagine. I knew that I wanted to add some curtains once the weather got cooler. I did just that a few weeks ago.


I chose curtains that are lighter as opposed to the heavier block-out type that is probably more “cold weather friendly”. Talk about keeping out that extra cold draft. All the windows have blinds so that’s a plus. But I wanted to keep the rooms bright and airy and still have that bit of sunshine peeking through the windows. It is something I have come to appreciate. In the Caribbean, opened windows are just the thing!! 

So these are five of my favorite ways to add warmth and cozy to our home during the colder months. What are some of your favorites? Would love to hear about them. 


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17 thoughts on “Five Ways to Make Home Warm and Cozy During the Colder Months

  1. Great tips Zan! We have all hard wood floors on our first floor and I’m slowly continuing to add rugs as budget allows – they really do make such a difference when it’s chilly outside.

  2. Great tips! I am always cold so I love having different tricks to warm up my home. Plus electric bills are expensive! Heat really kicks those suckers up. 😛 I am a huge fan of throw pillows, cozy scented candles, and (when I am at my parent’s house) snuggling up by the fireplace. I don’t have a fireplace in my apartment sadly. That will be my next upgrade when I move. 😛

    1. I know, that energy bills seem to be getting higher all the time. A fireplace is always nice but then there is the gas bill! But yes, cozying up the home is such a favorite thing to do!!

  3. Love all of these ideas especially the extra throws and rugs. It seems like I stay cold even in summer with the air blaring so I love keeping throws around! Beautiful setup!

  4. I wish we had a fireplace so bad! When we were building our home, we had the option to add one and I really went back and forth on it. We ultimately decided not too (really pricey!) but thinking back, I wish we had. Maybe in the next house we move into.

  5. What great ways to keep warm and cozy. I love bundling up on the couch with a good book, a warm, soft blanket and a cup of hot cocoa. Your home does look so cozy and ready for winter. It’s beautiful.

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