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Cooking With Kids

Giant Monster Halloween Cookies

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These Giant Monster Cookies are so fun to make and will be a hit at your Kids next Halloween Cookie Decorating Party!

Halloween Monster Cookies -

Fun Halloween Treats for Kids

Aren’t Halloween Treats for kids so fun? I’ve created some really cute ideas this season and I think Giant Monster will be among our favorite Halloween make at home treats. Pop over and check out my other creations here.

Giant Monster Cookies

Have you ever wanted to make Giant Monster Cookies? Me neither. But I think this is your perfect chance to make them. These cookies are so “cute” (cute monsters), so easy to make, and were a huge hit with my family! The process of decorating the cookies and seeing the final results, and the kids happy little faces were so amazing. We all couldn’t wait to try them. Even their daddy was anxious to eat a cookie since he was working from home on a Hurricane Watch day.

We made the Cookies Giant – I mean, they were literally huge. I’ve never made such huge cookies before. But I thought to myself, “Self, you got to make them large to make a statement. Aren’t “Monsters” supposed to be huge? What will be the point of small Monster cookies?” Hence the large cookies – we measured them to about 5 inches, just out of curiosity when we were done frosting.

Halloween Monster Cookies -

Halloween Monster Cookies -

Cookie Decorating Party

Giant Monster Cookies is a fun idea to try at a Halloween Cookie Decorating Party. What cookie isn’t a hit at any party? Gather a bunch of pre-made Sugar Cookies (whether you make them from scratch, use a cookie mix, bake pre-made dough or buy the already-made cookies, it doesn’t matter. The most fun part is in the cookie decorating. Bring along some fun Halloween cookie decorating ingredients and you’re good to go. You can do that for your kids at home, if you’re not hosting or attending a Kids Cooking Decorating party, just saying. It will be fun for the kids.

Halloween Monster Cookies -
Halloween Monster Cookies -

Halloween Monster Cookies -

Halloween Monster Cookies -

How to Make Giant Monster Cookies

What you need:

  • Grab your favorite Sugar Cookie Mix
  • A Can of Frosting
  • Assorted Halloween Candy
  • Halloween M&Ms
  • Candy Corn
  • Sprinkles (including edible eyeballs)
  • Large Cookie sheet or baking pan (bake more than one batch if you only got small pans)

To do:

  • Mix cookies according to package directions
  • Cut to Giant size – Use a large cookie cutter to make the shapes or just take pieces of dough and roll them with a rolling pin
  • Bake and cool the cookies
  • Frost. If you have white frosting, use food coloring to make different shades.
  • Decorate the cookies in a Monster-ish way!
  • Have Fun!

Halloween Monster Cookies -

Pin These Giant Monster Cookies to Make Later

Halloween Monster Cookies -

We love how our Monster Cookies turned out. I hope your kids have fun decorating some Giant Monster Cookies this season and eating them to!

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