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Our Fall Fireplace and Mantel

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Added a touch of Fall to the mantel and fireplace and love how it brought out the flavor of the season

Fall Fireplace and Mantle

Fall Mantel and Fireplace Decor

I’m loving the way our fireplace looks although the decorating came by accidentally. It’s the first time I’m sharing this space decorated. I don’t think I was planning to decorate any room in our home (porch not included); didn’t think our home would be ready for any kind of decorating. Since we moved in, I’ve been moving furniture around trying to make them fit into our home. I finally realized that I’m basically trying to fit “square pegs into round holes”. It doesn’t work that way. We have smaller length of walls as opposed to the bigger walls we had in our previous homes. So we dragged most of our furniture downstairs in the basement. Maybe things need to be out from “sight” until we could figure out where they should go.

Photo before we moved in. Looks like this fireplace was lime washed. It’s also wood burning, just love it! Check out our home tour here.

our historic home

In the process of trying to make things work, I ended up decorating our fireplace mantel for Fall. It really was not a “planned out” decorating event but it randomly came together with a few decorative pieces. And I ended up loving it.

fall fireplace mantel

I’d picked up a few faux pumpkins at Walmart to add just a touch of “fall” because we love celebrating the seasons. The large pumpkin we got at a pumpkin patch. I mixed the two kinds together, set them by the fireplace and have not touched them since.

Fall fireplace and mantel

On the mantel, I placed some extra little pumpkins also from Walmart beside a photo of our family which I removed for this chalkboard. The chalkboard itself was a little find I recently took home to see how if it would work someplace else. I wasn’t sure the size was what I wanted but once I tried it on the mantel, I ended up liking it. Loving the gold frame! My plan was to add a mirror (which I actually bought) but it didn’t fit the mantel; using it in the entryway which also needed something. The white glass pumpkin on the mantel says “Give Thanks” and it’s from At Home stores. I already had the candle holders on hand but the gold candles I spotted at Hobby Lobby one time we were out there shopping. Looks great beside the chalkboard.

Once I saw the potential of the mantel, I figured I could add a DIY wreath I’had made for our front porch (ended up using a different one) along with some firewood to complete the look. I think the mantel and fireplace turned out OK. What do you think?

fall fireplace mantel

As for around the mantel, I’d been decorating and organizing to make the home feel like ours. Seriously, other than the bookshelves that I quickly styled a little while back, nothing here was really planned. Recently, I moved a piece of furniture from the right corner of the right bookshelf and added some more books to the shelves. Once I was done taking photos of our table and craft the kids created, I looked at the fireplace and thought it looked good enough to me. Let’s take some photos for the blog. So glad I took them though because I probably would have thought too hard about it if I had actually planned it. For starters, I don’t think I ever owned yellow decor. But those yellow candle sticks that I bought on clearance early in the summer (with intent to paint them), ended up as part of the shelf decor for Fall. Who knew?!

The bookshelves are not built-ins – we added them after after testing them up in a few different spots in the house to see where they’d work best. When we bought them, it was my intention to put them beside the fireplace. Trying them out elsewhere helped me finally decide to put them where I really wanted anyway.

fall fireplace mantel

We’re still moving things around and figuring out this house so I’m not quite sure exactly how this corner will look along with the other sides of the family room. I want to add a rug, coffee table, and cozy it up a bit. However, I thought it was good enough to share it in it’s temporary set up state. It does look like a lot of stuff on the shelves but until I just can’t “sweat” it right now. There’s a lot to moving, even more so than sometimes can be expressed. But this central spot brings me joy – the joy that comes with decorating. Something I have not felt since moving. I also just did a Fall tablescape and oh the joys that came with it, too. I’m happy how it turned out.

fall fireplace mantel

fall fireplace mantel

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Fall mantle and fireplace decor

Sooo, what do you think of this no-planned Fall mantel? Do you add a touch of decor to your home during the seasons, go all out, or do nothing at all?

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