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Preschool Learn to Count with Cheerios Printable

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Help your little one learn to count with this free cheerio counting concept. They’ll have fun counting and eating their cheerios, too.


Do you have preschool kids at home? How do you help them learn the basic concept of counting? When our first little one was around the age of 3, I created this cheerio counting printable to help her practice basic counting. Of course, she was already counting from numbers way past five but this little activity served as an additional learning tool. There is a difference between saying numbers from memory and actually seeing it and knowing how to use it. At preschool age, simple is best so I only made the counting from 1 through 5.

At first, when she put all the cheerios in the circles it seemed like it was a closed activity. But then I realized that this activity does not have to be a one time event. The child could remove all the cheerios and start over for continual practice or the sheet could be put away and used another time. For longer usage or for use between more than kid, it may be helpful to laminate it to make it durable.

Note: My intent is to update it to a higher number for kids just a tad older – maybe of kindergarten age.

To print this free worksheet in pdf, click on this link cheerio counting and just print it out. Please note that while this printable is free for anyone, it is not to be reproduced or modified without written permission from Flourishing At Home.

                          Do you have little ones at home who could use a print like this to help with basic counting concepts?

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