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Teaching Bible Stories to Children – Creation Crafts with Snack Ideas

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We began incorporating bible stores in our everyday learning. Whatever story or concept we are learning, we will try to do crafts/hands-on stuff with them. You can read more on my beliefs in teaching the bible to children on my The Bible & Kids page.

How to Teach the Story of Creation, Interactive Creation Story Lesson for Kids! by @athomewithzan


These are the activities we did from the creation story. I read and explained the story to the children in simple form over a period of a few days. This was done during morning and evening devotions. Then we would do a craft each day depending on what day of creation we were on. Before we did a new “Day”, we reviewed the “Days” we had already completed.

I would like to say that the crafts are pretty self-explanatory. But if you have a question, I am more than willing to explain in the comments. We used whatever materials we had lying around the home so we did not have to go out and by more stuff.

Also, we ate corresponding snacks with each craft/activity (whatever food we could make out of what we had at home).

Day 1: Light out of Darkness

Snacks: Bananas/Raisins

036 092

Day 2: Skies (separated from the waters below)

Snacks: Marshmallow on a blue plate

024 023

Day 3: Dry Land (separated from the water)

Snacks: Fruit and Vege nibble tray (Peanut Butter for soil color)

027 025 026

Day 4: Sun, Moon, Stars

Snacks: Whole Wheat Ritz crackers and cheese cut into shapes

012 016 010

Here is our toddler doing the activity.

004 001 003 008

Below is a extra craft we did to represent the moon and stars. I found the pattern in $$$Tree.

010  012 013 021  026

Day 5: Fish in the sea/Birds in the air

Snacks: Goldfish

055 058 057 062

Day 6: Land animals/Man

Snacks: Animal crackers

018 153

Day 7

Nothing – God Rested!

We wrote the days and names of each creation on the paper plates.


Then glued all the projects on a sheet of poster board for display. The paper plate at the top (not glued unto the the poster board) represents how God created everything out of nothing.

031 028


Thanks for Sharing!
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13 thoughts on “Teaching Bible Stories to Children – Creation Crafts with Snack Ideas

  1. These are excellent ways of teaching Bible stories to children. My husband and I taught the 3 and 4 yr. olds in Sunday School for many years. We used very similar methods to instill the lesson.

  2. This story was my great help tto my homework for English course.

    I had had a task to write a short story with a topic strange
    house and some children in. I hhad changed only some characteristics of main character and Iwas ready.
    Thank you for you lesson how to write storytelling.
    This was my fist successful work with whijch i won my teacher’sattention.

    Check out my paage