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Bunny-Shaped Cake

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Make a cute Bunny-Shaped Cake for your family to enjoy this Easter.

I’m all about cute seasonal bakeware that make fun shaped foods. Last year, I made this Bunny cake as a surprise for the kids. It probably wasn’t such a surprise since the kids ended up helping me decorate it but purchasing the pan and baking the cake probably were more of the surprise.

Easter Bunny Cake

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  • Use a favorite Easter cake batter (I used a lemon boxed cake mix)
  • Bake the cake in Bunny Cake Pan. Allow to cool.
  • Decorate with Frosting.
    I used food coloring to add colors to the bunny. Separate the frosting into bowls according to the amount of colors needed. Add food coloring, mix until you get the desired color. Frost.

Isn’t this little bunny cute? My frosting isn’t perfect but the cake turned out cute. And.. eating this Lemon cake was even better.

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