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Craft Sewing Starter Kit for Little Girls

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Craft Sewing Kit for Little Girls

Teach your little girl to sew with this easy craft sewing kit. You might be amazed at how much it can help her develop her skills and creativity. Our little one just turned 9 and it’s her first time with anything like this but the recommendation is from kids 7+. At that age (especially from around 8), I find that our girl wanted to do more than just playing with toys, coloring, and other regular activities she did when she was a tad younger.

craft sewing kit for kids

Why I Bought Our Daughter This Sewing Kit

It’s simple. I bought this kit to encourage her creativity! Our little one is growing and at age 9, I felt she would benefit from learning to do activities that can actually turn into sills. I could tell that she needed different than the regular activities (bead making, drawing, journaling, coloring, etc). The kit was one of her Christmas gifts. I thought of purchasing it as part of her birthday gift (after Thanksgiving) but held off. I couldn’t decide between buying it for her birthday or for Christmas since both are so close. I also wanted to be sure she was ready to use a needle. Eventually, I ordered the kit during Christmas and so glad I did.

At first, I was unsure if she would be interested in it. To my surprise she absolutely loves it! She spent hours on Christmas day following the instructions and trying to learn how to make things herself, without asking me questions. I imagined having to spend some time showing her how to use the kit but she truly surprised me by learning it herself. She loves making little items for her siblings and for her to enjoy. It’s such a delight to watch.

Did you catch our DIY Valentine Felt Stuffed Heart Garland? This craft sewing kit was part of my inspiration to make the garland to help encourage her creativity.

craft sewing kit for kids

What’s in the Kit?

  • A pattern Book
  • Felt
  • Buttons
  • Needles
  • Push Pins
  • Thread
  • Measuring Tape
  • Pillow Fluff
  • Elastic
  • Buttons

craft sewing kit for kids

Some of Our Daughter’s Creations

A Donut – this was her very first creation on Christmas day.

craft sewing kit for kids


craft sewing kit for kids


craft sewing kit for kids


craft sewing kit for kids


craft sewing kit for little girls

And… she even sewed a tear in her little brother’s pajama pants:) That one was truly the surprise to me. I couldn’t believe how perfect she did it. And then we had a little laugh about a sock she had stitched up for him that didn’t turn out all that great. Oh well, it’s a learning curve. I probably would have just thrown out the sock but our son wanted to keep his cozy sock to wear during the winter. It’s one of those cozy type ones – mind you – he has about 4 of them. But I guess he liked the blue one which also happened to be one of his first fluffed ones. His very favorite one, I guess. Just thought I’d throw the sock story in here:))

You can find this awesome starter sewing kit for little girls here or click the image below to take you to the link.

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sewing kit for little girls


Do you have a little girl who is growing up and want to do something other than playing with toys and coloring when they’re at home? I think she too might like this Craft Sewing Kit to encourage her creativity?

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