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DIY Leprechaun Trap – Kids Craft

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This DIY Leprechaun Trap was a fun craft that the kids and I enjoyed making for our son’s class project.

How to Make Leprechaun Trap -

Ah, if you ever did tell me I’d be making a Leprechaun trap at some point, I’d say you’re kidding! Who knew? Yet here we are – we made a Leprechaun trap and we are so happy with how it turned out.

My son had a class project to make a Leprechaun trap and we got right to it. To my surprise, it was so fun to make. (Yes, my son’s feet are ashy from playing outside ….haha. We came from church and in-between play, he wanted to finish this trap that we started the previous Saturday and mom needed a photo).

How to Make Leprechaun Trap -

What’s the Point of a Leprechaun Trap Anyway?

To Trap a Leprechaun, of course. Well, to be honest, I have no idea of how the full story goes. But that Pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow would not be there if a Leprechaun got to it:) Here are the materials we used and the instructions below.

How to Make Leprechaun Trap -

How to Make Leprechaun Trap -

How to Make Leprechaun Trap -

How to Make a Leprechaun Trap from Cardboard Box

What you need:

  • A Cardboard Box (size you choose)
  • Another Cardboard Box (piece to make a base)
  • A Small Black Cauldron (for pot of gold)
  • Gold Coins
  • Green Construction Paper or Card Stock Paper
  • Cotton Balls
  • Small sticks (craft sticks, kabob sticks or sticks from outside)
  • Black Paint
  • Rainbow Colors Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Small Plate (something to hold the paint)
  • Gold Glitter
  • Glue Stick
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Any accessories (we used a green necklace)
  • Table Cover (we used an old table cloth)
  • Optional: Fame Grass (We already had from a fairy garden pack).


  • Cover workspace with table cover.
  • Using pencil, outline a space to trap at the opened end of the box. Cut out the outlined part. That’s the trap hole.
  • Using glue gun, seal the end of the opened box.
  • Pour black paint on plate. Use paint brush to paint the entire box black. Let it dry.
  • If needed, add a second coat of paint. Allow to dry.
  • Measure an area from the other cardboard box that the trap can fit on. Cut out that area (a platform).
  • Cut out a rainbow shaped piece of cardboard.
  • Use rainbow colors to paint that piece of board. It will be double sided, so paint both sides. You’ll paint one side, let it dry. The paint the other side and allow it to dry. Set it aside. Note: While you wait for the first side to dry, you can move to the next step, then come back to finish painting.
  • Using glue stick, glue a piece of green construction paper over that cutout area, platform (use more paper if needed).
  • Hot glue box (with trap hole upwards), unto the platform. Hot glue some grass around the platform (optional).
  • Make the ladder – Cut the sticks in 1/2 if they are too long. Cut down to fit length between the platform and the top of the box. Note: If using kabob sticks, clip off pointy ends., discard.
  • Hot glue the sticks to make a ladder. To make the ladder, place two sticks side by side length ways with about an 1.5 inches space between. Place and glue the other sticks over the ladder, side ways, with about 1 inch space between each stick.
  • Glue ladder unto the platform and box.
  • Hot glue the rainbow on one end of the top of the box.
  • Hot glue on cotton balls for clouds.
  • Hot glue caldron (for pot of gold) on the opposite side of the box (opposite from the rainbow) and with opening toward the trap hole.
  • Hot glue gold coins in the cauldron, kind of as if they were spilling out (see our images).
  • Use pencil to draw clover leaves on green construction or card stock paper. Cut out leaves.
  • Use glue stick to glue leaves unto the box.
  • Draw a small arrow on a piece of green construction paper, cut it out. Use the glue stick to show to stick it on the box to show where the Leprechaun should go.
  • Use glue stick to add a few streaks of glue. Sprinkle glitter over these spots.
  • Hot glue on the finish touch – that’s the accessory/accessories.
  • Now step back and admire your fabulous creation!

Note: We placed the gold next to the trap hole so that Little Leprechaun can hopefully fall in once he reaches for the gold:) We probably should have made a little cover there too but that’s ok. He probably won’t have a way of climbing back out from that hole anyways:)

How to Make Leprechaun Trap -

Homemade Leprechaun Trap

The instructions seemed way longer to type than it was to make. I still feel like I missed something, but maybe not. Oh, that’s what I missed (adding the instructions for the arrow – adding it now). Don’t let it scare you from trying – the longest wait is letting the paint dry. Everything else is an easy glue together (the ladder) and glue on. If you don’t have everything, some can be skipped.

How to Make Leprechaun Trap -

Have you ever made a Leprechaun trap before? How did it turn out?

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