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Free Spring Cleaning Printable for Homemakers

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Grab your Free Spring Cleaning Printable to Help you get started with Cleaning for Spring.

Hello, are you planning to do some Spring cleaning this year? We are in a place of transition (temporary housing) that doesn’t need much. Mainly because before we moved in in February the house was thoroughly cleaning. We’d seen it a few weeks prior and although empty, we could tell it needed to be dusted and cleaned. The basement seemed to have a little leak somewhere that needed to be fixed and cleaned out. So I’ve been doing the regular daily, weekly cleaning but nothing extra.

Free Spring Cleaning Printable

On the other hand, I’ve been decluttering and organizing for quite some time now. Since we are in temporary housing most of our larger pieces (furniture, beds, kitchen appliances and decor) are in storage. However, all our clothing and miscellaneous items came with us. My intention for us was to go through them before moving and choose the ones we didn’t need. I (we) didn’t get around to doing that prior to moving. It all came with us but I knew it was so much miscellaneous stuff.So I’ve been dealing with decluttering and organizing for a little while now. I don’t seem to get anywhere far though. Sometimes I lack the motivation to even attempt to tackle the work, other times I get stumped as to what to do, and most times, I get caught with other home responsibilities. I’ve made some progress but it took some time and I still have some left to do.

Decluttering is Good for the Home

Just recently, I got the rooms done and boy does our rooms reflect peace rather than chaos. The kids room especially, I cannot tell you how many times I walked in with intent to organize it but then walked right back out. No, they didn’t mess it up – it’s just that with temporary housing and things in bins and just really not much systems to have things set up, everything ended up on the floor (toys, bins of clothes, markers and books, etc).

Free Spring Cleaning Printable

I finally couldn’t let them sleep and play in such a chaotic room anymore. One day after school I set aside everything else, got the girls to help me and we tackled their room. It took about an hour or a little more but their room has been so serene ever since. They were so happy to finally see their toys in view and have a little shelf set up to play. Their clothes in 4 bins rather than 8 in one small space. I simply sat on the floor and have them go through their clothes and condensed them down to two bins each. The rest we put in the spare room to go through and declutter later. I’m happy with their room – every time I walk in I just get a scene of calm. I know it makes them feel so much better.

Free Spring Cleaning Printable

That aside, if you are doing Spring cleaning (decluttering and organizing too), I thought it would be helpful to share my very simple cleaning printable. It’s what I usually use for my weekly cleaning when we have a good routine going. All I did was change up the heading to make it a Spring Cleaning Printable. It’s very simple but it’s just what I need to help keep our home clean. Even if you are not planning to clean much but you are planning to declutter and organize, you can still use this printable to plan. Choose a day to attack each task or set of tasks to help keep you on track as to what needs to be done and when. It’s that simple.

Free Spring Cleaning Printable

You can find it and download it here: Free Spring Cleaning Schedule 

I hope it helps with our Spring cleaning if you are planning to do so but don’t have a system or don’t know how you would even begin. Write it down and then get to tackling your chores. You may note that I included a verse at the bottom of the printable. I am aware that I cannot do anything but through Christ who helps me. So I love to think of a verse that can help me remember that. Enjoy.

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Free Spring Cleaning Printable

Are you planning to do some Spring cleaning or any kind of decluttering or organizing? Could this printable be of help to you? Let us know in the comments.

She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness (Proverbs 31:27).

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