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FREE Spring Cleaning Challenge

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Longing for a fresh clean start in your home after a long winter? Seems like the dust have piled up over the months and it’s time to do something about it. Let’s give our homes a fresh start by diving into some Spring Cleaning Challenge.

Free Spring Cleaning Challenge

This challenge is NOT about decluttering your home although you might find it helpful to get rid of a few un-necessaries while you are at it. But it’s mainly about deep cleaning, getting rid of dust and dirt and giving your home a fresh start.

Spring Cleaning Challenge

Benefits of Deep Cleaning Your Home

Cleaning your home is not only good for the house itself but it’s also healthy for your family both physically and mentally. Ever noticed that when your house feels clean, it puts you in a better mood and motivates you to love your home more? Does any of your family members suffer with the sniffles and sneezes during the Spring time? While you may not always be able to avoid the allergies that comes on from the outside, you can try to eliminate what’s inside by cleaning your home.

What’s in the Challenge?

You’ll get a weekly assignment to tackle so you wouldn’t be overwhelmed by it all. Then pop on over to our FB page where you can share your progress of before and after photos and interact with others who may also be taking the challenge.

Are you ready to dive in? I’d love for you to join me! It will help to give you some motivation and keep both you and me accountable. Sign up by clicking on the link below to take the challenge. Can’t wait to have you on board!


Thanks for Sharing!
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