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Mother’s Day Gift Idea – What to Gift Mom on Mother’s Day

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A Mother’s day Gift Basket with a few favorites is a beautiful way to celebrate mom on Mother’s Day.

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Wondering what to gift mom for mother’s day? You’ve come to the correct place. Make mom’s day special by showering her with all the love and gifting her some of the things she loves.

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What Should I Gift My Mom for Mother’s Day?

Mother’s day gifting can come in various ways. While some gifts may be popular, I think it is best to give mom a gift you know she will enjoy whether it’s popular to everyone else or not. Here are some questions to consider when thinking about giving your mom a gift for mother’s day.

  • What kinds of things does mom enjoy?
  • What does she like to use?
  • What does mom need help with around the house?
  • What physical or mental help could she use?
  • What does mom like to do for fun?
  • What place would she like to visit, locally or abroad?

Please Note: While giving a physical gift is all the rage for Mother’s day, know that there are other ways to show mom your love without a physical gift, especially if you just can’t afford something worth it right now. However, if you can give a physical gift, combining some of her favorite things into a gift basket is a great idea for Mother’s day.

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What Can I Add to a Mother’s Day Gift Basket?

Below is what I added to the gift basket that I’m sharing in this post. I chose pink:

  • A bottle of Pink Sparkling Rose
  • A Champagne Glass (it also says “mom”)
  • A necklace that says, “Mom”
  • A photo frame (you can also print out and add a favorite photo of mom and her kids – your favorite or mom’s favorite photo from a phone or somewhere digital)
  • A faux plant (a real plant will be great if mom loves plants and gardening)
  • A Beautiful Card

I sure had fun creating this beautiful gift basket for Mother’s day. I added gift wrapping and tied a cute ribbon around the handle for extra prettiness. Presentation is key!

Mothers-Day-Gift-Idea-Popular Mother's Day Gifts -

Additional ways to create a Mother’s day gift basket

  • Make the basket coordinate – Like a theme or one color (I did pink in these images). Ideas:
  • A Spa basket with all things spa
    • Body Wash (be sure mom already loves that scent and can use it)
    • Skin Moisturizer (same for the scent and use)
    • Bath Towels
    • Robe
    • A gift card to a Spa
  • A make-up basket if mom likes make-up
    • Purchase items from her favorite line of make-up
    • A gift card to Ulta, Sepora, or other online make-up store
  • A food basket with one of her favorite meal’s cooking ingredients or baking ingredients – Example for a Rice Casserole
    • Rice, spices, can’s of Cream of whatever they put in casseroles, a veggie cutter and (or) a casserole dish to make it in
    • For baking – Add the dry baking ingredients and maybe a bowl and a mixing tool
    • You can also just do a large kitchen equipment mom’s been wanting (Last year, one of my kids gifted me a Drew Barrymore Stand Mixer). I’ve been wanting a stand mixer:)
  • You can also make a basket of random favorites of moms or things you think she would enjoy and add in her favorite candy or treat.
  • Flowers and a favorite cologne or jewelry, oh my!

There are so many ways to go about it. If mom is not too particular about gifts or HAS EVERYTHING (like we say) or has been everywhere, do a chore or help her out with something around the house that she has had on her list of long-time To-DOs.

I hope these ideas were of help to you as you think about ways to gift mom something for Mother’s day!

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