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New Spring Tees in the Shop

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These St. Patrick’s day tees are too cute for little ones!


I’m so excited for these new tee’s that was added to the shop this week! have been working on revamping our T-Shirt Shop this week. The shop has been up and coming but I’ve had to let it sit for a bit as I organize our online outlets (Blog, Etsy, Affiliate Programs, Social Media, etc) on-top of everything else I do as a wife, mom, homemaker. I have been working on new designs for Spring and the holidays that come along with it. Would love for you to check them out Here. Our shop is not perfectly set up but I am realizing that through all of the ups and downs and responsibilities, waiting for the perfect shop is not going to get me far right now.


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Why I Started Creating Affirmation and Seasonal Tees for the Family

I “dreamt” of creating Affirmation T-Shirts in a season where our family was really struggling through a relocation. These Tees were meant to encourage and give us affirmation that we can push through the hard with God on our side. I didn’t really want to term them “self-affirmation” t-shirts because I know that we can’t do anything in our own strength. But I eventually realized that that’s exactly what some of these t-shirts would be doing – giving us affirmation that “it’s ok”. Or maybe tees to encourage? Whatever we call them, it’s a form of helping to motivate us to press on in the midst of what seemed hard to us.

As I started designing, I decided to add some fun Fall my sweaters to the shop and then the kids asked if I could make some of those for them to wear. It was in that moment I realize that I had an opportunity to create fun stuff for kids. So here we are designing Affirmative and Fun seasonal tees (with some to match the family). We don’t have a huge collection but we’ll add to the shop as we design. If you love Affirmation & fun Seasonal Tees or just want to start adding them to your wardrobe (family’s wardrobe), would love for you to come check them out.


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She considereth a field, and buyeth it: with the fruit of her hands she planteth a vineyard (Proverbs 31:16).

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