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21 Mom Hacks to Make Your Life with Kids Easier

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These tried-and-true Mom Hacks will Make your Life with Kids So Much easier.

If you are a mom, have you ever wondered how can a mom make life easier with kids? Moms have so much on their plates, whether they are working moms or stay-at-home moms. The loads of laundry that never seem to end, the constant dishes you just can’t seem to get a handle on, the clothes and toys always left on the floor that no one but you seem to notice and clean up, the daily meals to prepare, and on and on it goes . . . . How it came to be that moms are the ones doing so much, I have no idea but I do know we do. Bringing in a little help every now and then is not a bad idea, sometimes we just need that. And fortunately, there are tons of ways out there to make things easier for ourselves, for the kids and for the whole family. We like to call these “Mom hacks”. If you feel overwhelmed by motherhood, maybe it’s time to investigate some of these hacks to help you.

What are Mom Hacks?

I like to think of a Mom Hack as a way to make a task easier that may otherwise have taken longer or a sensible alternative to making  something less complicated that can benefit all. Without a doubt, you have your own set of Mommy Hacks that you live by and other hacks you may not even know you’re already doing because to you, you’ve always done them this way or it just makes sense to do them that way.

So What are Some Mom Hacks You Didn’t Know You Needed?

There are hundreds of Mom Hacks out there but here are some of my favorites that I have used to make things easier not just for me (and of ultimately my husband) and for the kids.

  1. Give everything a Home – Organizing your stuff and giving everything a spot is a great way to encourage the kids to put things back in their place. It will save you clean up time and from feeling overwhelmed when stuff is sitting out but have no place to be stored. Also, it will help the kids to find things much easier.
  2. Label Toy Bins with Photos – They make toys easier to find and to put back into the correct bins. Plus, it helps with keeping the areas somewhat clean.
  3. Command Center – Create a command center near the front door for shoes and things so the kids can easily find stuff on the way out. No one will be calling you a million times asking for their stuff, especially if you need to leave right away.
  4. Morning Playdates – Have play dates and outdoor activities in the morning. That way you can be home early enough for the kids to nap. They’ll get to nap, avoid crankiness, and you’ll get to take a break or get something else done.
  5. Prep Clothing Ahead – Prep Kids clothing the night before you need to be somewhere important – think school, church, family activities, playdates, etc. You’ll avoid the morning hustle of trying to find clothes for everyone.
  6. Meal Plan – Make meal times easier and hassle-free by creating a menu. You’ll know what to cook, save money from random spending, and have meals on the table at a reasonable timing.
  7. Make-Ahead Snacks – Prep ahead some snacks for your kids, especially kids who are small. Put them into little bowls or bags. They make it easy to grab and serve. Also, you get to decided what they eat.
  8. Water Bottles – Dedicate a water bottle for each child. keep it filled throughout the day. It encourages drinking water plus you don’t have to always go fill a cup for the kids who may be unable to do so themselves.
  9. Kids Dish Storage – Store some of the kids dishes, spoons, little bowls and cups in a lower drawer. Kids who are able get a snack or water on their own can easily find them, if you have nothing prepped ahead.
  10. Disposable Plates and Dinnerware – Keep a stash of paper plates on hand for a couple of meals. You can decide which meal time you have the hardest time keeping up with dishes and use them then.
  11. Develop a Routine – Having a daily routine does not only bring structure for you and the kids, it also cuts down on chaos and saves both you and the kids time from wandering. You’ll have a little plan and everyone will know what you expect of them.
  12. Activity Station – Create an activity station at home stash it with coloring books, drawing books, pencils, crayons, markers all in one spot).
  13. Chore Chart for Bigger Kids – If your kids have a hard time remembering to do their chores, try creating a chore chart, especially with some incentive to help them stay motivated. As an example, if a child has 3 little jobs, one of them can be done as a reward. Depending on the child’s age, you can pay them some cents (like 25 cents) for wetting each day for 4 days or $1.00 for 4 days a week.
  14. Create a Cleaning Schedule – This one is for yourself mom. Create a little cleaning schedule to help you stay on top of things. Pick a couple of areas to focus on each day. Don’t overwhelm yourself by saving everything at once.
  15. Make Bath Time Fun – Keep a basket of toys for bath time in the bathroom. The kids will have fun playing in the tub with their toys, especially those who have convinced themselves that water on their little bodies isn’t a great idea.
  16. Have a Seasonal Bag – Keep a seasonal bag with clothing and gear for the kids in your car that you can rotate as the seasons change. In the Summer time this bag can have things like bathing suits, towels, goggles, picnic blankets, etc. If you’re out on a Summer day and decides to do a random stop at the pool, you’ll have everything need for the kids to swim or a picnic outdoor, you’ll have blanket to sit on. In the Fall and Winter, switch it out for blankets, extra cozy sweaters, gloves, hats, mittens, etc. If you’ve ever lived in States where Winter feels like the North pole, you’ll appreciate this. The kids will be able to keep warm on car rides with extra blankets or if for some reason, they need a hat, pair of gloves, etc., all you’ll have to do is pull one from the bag. Spring time isn’t always warm depending on your location. It’s always good to keep a light jacket depending on the weather. You may decide on no jackets because “YAY” it’s Spring, after long winter, but then step out to realize it’s not as warm as you think. So moms, keep those seasonal bags with you. You’ll avoid having to cancel plans, making an extra stop, and spending extra money.
  17. Change of Clothes & Extra Diapers – Have a change of clothes for each kid, including diapers and pull-ups for the babies and smaller children. A child may have a water, juice, food, or some other spill on their clothing that may need to be changed. Sometimes, children who are no longer toddlers need a change of something too, so don’t just stop at the toddler years.
  18. Wipes and Napkins – Keep napkins, tissues, or baby wipes in your car. In evidently, something or someone will need to be wiped.
  19. First-Aid Kits – Create a first-aid kit to keep with you in your car along with a smaller one for your purse. You’ll want to include products such as bandages, bug sprays, Essential Oils (if you use them), sunscreen and products you find yourself always needing to use when you’re out with the kids. I feel like my kids ALWAYS need a bandage!
  20. Car Snacks – It’s always good to keep a bag of snack, water, and drinks in your car. When you’re out and the kids are thirsty or hungry, you won’t have to make an extra stop or spend extra money and time to find snacks. Also, bringing snacks from home means that you are in control of what the kids eat. If you want your kids to snack on veggies (like carrot sticks), the convenience store may not have it depending on where you are. You may end up buying a bag of chips instead which is not exactly what you desired but got it anyway.
  21. On-the-Go Portable Potty  – This is so great for younger kids who are potty trained or in the potty training phase. A Portable potty comes in so handy when you are out and about and your little one needs to use the potty. We’ve used them so much on longer trips like road trips when a restroom was no where in site. Just don’t forget the bags that come with them or any kind of disposable bag that will fit and also dump the bags once you get near a trashcan. You want to avoid forgetting them in the car where they can start to smell or where someone can accidentally step on them creating a bigger mess.

21 Mom Hacks to Make Your with Kids Easier

Hopefully, you have found several hacks from this list to help you make mom life easier. Are there any Mom Hacks you use that you’d like to share? Would love for you to share in the comments.

She looketh well to the ways of her household and eateth not the bread of idleness (Proverbs 31:27).

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