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Birthdays & Parties

Unicorn-Paint Birthday Party for Little Girls

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Use these Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas to Create your next Unicorn Birthday Party for your Little Girl.

Unicorn-Birthday-Party-Ideas-Birthday-Party-Ideas-for-10-Year-Old-Girls -

Our 2nd daughter turned 10 this past December and all she wanted was a Unicorn Birthday party. Not all 10 year old’s have given up on their unicorn dreams, our daughter is one of them. We did a Unicorn/Paint Birthday party. At first, I was like how are we going to bring the two together but with a little creativity, we made it work. Basically, we used Unicorn décor, cake, food, etc. and incorporated painting into the party. We used Unicorn Paint canvases, Unicorn colors for the crafts with the beads, and so forth. Read below to see what was all included. This post contains affiliate links for your convenience.

Unicorn Birthday Invites

We ordered these pretty Unicorn Birthday Party invitations but ended up creating and customizing our own what what we needed.


Unicorn Birthday Party Decorations

Large Unicorn Balloon and Small Balloons

Unicorn-Birthday-Party-Ideas-Birthday-Party-Ideas-for-10-Year-Old-Girls -

DIY Party Decor

We created some poster boards for the party. The kids did such a good job with them.

Unicorn-Birthday-Party-Ideas-Birthday-Party-Ideas-for-10-Year-Old-Girls -

Unicorn Table Set-Up

Unicorn Table Cloth

Unicorn Plates

Unicorn Napkins

Unicorn Straws

Unicorn Snack Boxes


Pizza, Strawberries, Blueberries, Colorful Goldfish, etc.

Water – Unicorn Water Bottle Labels/Wraps

Unicorn-Birthday-Party-Ideas-Birthday-Party-Ideas-for-10-Year-Old-Girls -

Unicorn Birthday Cake (Sooooo Cute)

Unicorn-Birthday-Party-Ideas-Birthday-Party-Ideas-for-10-Year-Old-Girls -


Painting Supplies

Canvas Painting Sett (8×10) from Amazon

Another set that for a gift

Painting Set with Easels/Paint Brushes/Palettes

Extra Paints from Walmart

Aprons – A Set of 15 from Amazon

Unicorn-Birthday-Party-Ideas-Birthday-Party-Ideas-for-10-Year-Old-Girls -

Unicorn-Birthday-Party-Ideas-Birthday-Party-Ideas-for-10-Year-Old-Girls -

Unicorn-Birthday-Party-Ideas-Birthday-Party-Ideas-for-10-Year-Old-Girls -

Craft Supplies

Beads We bought from Michael’s Craft Store – We chose Pastel colors. Here’s some Pastel Beads on Amazon or these bead making sets on Amazon too.

Unicorn Masks DIY

Unicorn Pinatas and Fillers

Pinatas and Fillers – We bought a Unicorn Pinata from Party City. You can find some here on Amazon.

Unicorn Party Favor Bags

Unicorn Party Favor Gift Bags

Each Kid’s Painted Canvases

Watercolor Paint Pallet

Unicorn & Dino Candy Necklaces – I bought those during Christmas; Walmart had them in their Christmas Candy Isle

Every Little Gifts and Rewards they received from the Party Games

Face Painter (Bonus)

We hired a face-painter to come paint the kids’ faces during the party. Oh my, the girls and boys looked so cute! The face-painter sat in a corner and just did her thing.

Jump Castle

We were already getting a jump castle for our little boy’s birthday party and decided to keep it up all day. The kids for both parties enjoyed jumping and that also gave us some time between the parties (especially this one) to get some things set up for the party.

I have so photos of the kids from the party but waiting for permission to post them here.

Unicorn-Birthday-Party-Ideas-Birthday-Party-Ideas-for-10-Year-Old-Girls -

Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward (Psalm 127:4).

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