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7 Places to Buy Jeans in the Fall (That are Cheap and Look Good)

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I am not turning into a fashion blog, just in case you were wondering. I’m just a wanna-be fashionista. But a few weeks ago, I bought some mugs from Marshalls and the writing on one of them sparked an idea. Don’t you just love inspirational mugs with encouraging or humorous writings? I do. (I’m planning on a post about a few of them). But the idea is centered around things that encourage moms and homemakers (for lack of modern term). I have been thinking about adding posts of said idea to my blog. Sometimes as moms, wives, and homemakers we get so caught up in the daily mundane of cleaning, cooking, decorating, routines and schedules etc. that we forget to take time to enjoy what we love. A home has so much more to offer. That’s one of the reasons I re-branded my blog’s name the way I did. It’s specific enough to know that it’s about home but at the same time, broad enough that it gives me the flexibility to talk about all things home. 


But a home is much more than doing chores, decorating, and keeping up with routines and schedules. The people that make home need attention, including mom. Yes, mom. We have a tendency to give and give to others (not bad) but we never give to ourselves. In fact, we might even feel a bit guilty (of who knows what) for even considering doing something for ourselves. Can anyone identify with this? I know I often fall into that trap. So I have been thinking about “things” that make us moms and homemakers happy. And I’m not taking about decor, personal things to motivate and lift up and help us to know that we’ve got this. I really don’t have a title for the idea and line of posts yet. Not calling it a weekly series either. I find that I am unable to keep up with weekly series and feel terrible when I get behind and cannot post. I’ll keep thinking about it to see what title I come up with. I think it will be fun and encouraging. Meanwhile, let’s talk about something I did for myself recently. I bought some Jeans!


So what’s the big deal?!! Well, first of all who does not love a good pair of jeans? Second, my wardrobe needed a bit of updating. And in the Fall, jeans happen to be my go-to wear. So that’s why I’m excited! My husband and I used to go shopping in the Fall to update our wardrobe every year. Our favorite places to shop were stores like Nordstrom Rack, Kohl’s, JC Penny, Macy’s etc. It was something we loved doing together. Once the kids came though, every shopping spree turned into a kid clothing shopping spree. Kidding. But so it seems. That is not bad though because we love making their wardrobes a priority. And who could resist those cute little outfits and their ever-growing clothing needs? Not I!! And let’s not forget the maternity clothing. And if your kids are close in age and all born around the same season, you definitely know how it feels like you are always in maternity clothing all the time.

In any event, I decided to stop making excuses and just go shopping. I can’t tell you how many times I have made an attempt to update my wardrobe, go the store, and leave with nothing. Sometimes it gets overwhelming. What gets me the most is stores that have no form of clothing organization. Every shape and size all mixed up and you have to search through to find what fits. But most times these are the places where the clothing are the cheapest and the quality is not bad. 


A few days ago, I popped on the TV and Dr Oz was on talking about the topic of cheap $20 vs expensive $200 dollar jeans. Of course, I listened because I was getting ready to do this post anyway. The ladies who were modeling tried on a both types of jeans and the majority of them found that they were more comfi in the cheaper jeans. I don’t know know that I have ever bought a $200 pair of jeans. To me, they all look the same. The quality may be stronger with the pricier option but I heard that the key to making your cheap jeans last longer is not to wash them regularly. I’m guilty of washing my jeans after just a couple uses. Now that you know my jeans story, let me share some of my favorite places to buy them new for less. 

1.Ross Dress for Less – All 5 of these jeans came from Ross. I chose to mix and match the colors a bit. Ross has a good selection of brand names clothing for super duper cheap. Want to know how much these cost? Just around $80 – I’d say that is a steal. The cozy faux fur scarf (pictured above) was also a find at Ross for $6.97. 


Look at this one. Calvin Klein inspired for $11.99 – a lot less than what you probably would pay in a high-end store. 


Another tip I heard is to choose jeans that are darker narrower and darker in color. While I am not a baggy jeans type of person, I do love fitting well and I also love them in various shades. Check out this skinny one. I’m don’t usually buy skinny jeans because I believe you could look nice in lean jeans without going skinny. But this one was only $10 and kept appearing every where I turned. I picked it up then put it back down several times. And then I decided to take it and wear it with super tall boots. Hey, it was only $10 after all really and would not matter if you’re bundled up anyway. I also figured if nothing else, I could wear in and around the house.


2.Carson Pirie Scott – I really love the quality of clothing from Carson’s and I love to shop their sales. I used to think they were an expensive store just by their name. That is until my husband and I started shopping there and I realized how that their clothing were inexpensive. Totally love it! You can also donate clothing you no longer wear in exchange for coupons on top of their already marked down prices. On occasion, they will have a Goodwill donation box at the store and you could drop off the clothing there.

You may have seen me “modelling” this one on Instagram at one point during the summer. It is from Carson Pirie Scott and costed less than $20. My husband bought it a few years ago and it is the perfect fit. I love this pair of pants and a few others but it really was time for a bit of updating. Don’t mind my denim top in the summer – it was a quick photo shoot. I’m tall and I have long legs. I used to get the athlete/model compliment back in the day, you know. Let’s just leave that right there… ha ha! But hey, I’ll take it!! When you are young and free the “fashionista” idea sounds great. But once you cross over the second zero and got kids, that sounds like a lot to keep up with. 


3. Macy’s – Macy’s usually have some really good sales in the Fall. We love to go there when we can.

4. JC Penny  – Penny’s also have some really good sales in the Fall and other times through out the year.

Both Macy’s and Penny’s have some really good sale racks. I love to go through and find things that look nice for a lower cost.

5. Nordstrom Rack  – If you want to wear Nordstrom clothing but can’t afford it, then try Nordstrom Rack. They are the same branch except Nordstrom Rack is more of an outlet for Nordstrom. They take the clothing that Nordstrom no longer needs and sells them at discounted prices. We used to go there all the time when we lived closer to one.

6. H&M Clothing – This is another store I imagined was pricey until I started shopping there when we went to the mall. Their line of clothing is not expensive. I also love buying cosmetic jewelry there – they sell some really nice ones at a low cost.

7. Kohl’s – Kohl’s is definitely one of my absolute favorite stores to shop (for anything). The quality is great and the prices are reasonable. Especially if you use their coupons. I love their spend $50 get back $10 in coupons. If you know how to use their system, you could really find some nice things for very low prices. Many times, I have bought stuff from Kohl’s that were practically free by finding a sale, then pairing it with a coupon and a 15% offer. You may have seen a few of these items in various posts here. But my husband and I really love their seasonal clothing sales.

So there you have it. Seven of my favorite places to shop for women’s jeans that look good and are lower priced. I’m really happy that I took the time to do a small wardrobe update. Now I have more options to choose from and my legs will thank me. And I even enjoyed typing this post. It was so more relaxing.

Where do you shop for jeans? Do you like wearing them in the Fall? Share your ideas in the comments!!

Thanks for Sharing!
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7 thoughts on “7 Places to Buy Jeans in the Fall (That are Cheap and Look Good)

  1. Oooh, how I miss these stores since moving back to Germany!
    Your picks look awesome and I can’t believe the deal you got! Jeans are SO expensive here, so I usually always stock up on them when we visit the in-laws. 😉
    Thanks for sharing!
    XO! Vanessa

  2. Look at your cute self modeling your new jeans! You are too cute!! I love your bag and shoes too! I’ve shopped at all these places except that one that I haven’t heard of – Carson Scott. I bought my dress for one of my daughter’s wedding from Nordstrom Rack and I saved big time! It was originally over $1k and it was navy – just the color I needed and was on sale for a couple of hundred dollars. The black version was at the regular Nordstrom site for the original price. I love it when I get a great deal! I love this post and you look amazing. Those shoes . . . amazing!

    1. Ha ha… thank you Alli!! Glad you liked the post – it was a fun one to put together. The shoe was a Target find and the bag from TJMaxx. Nordstrom Rack is a great place to find deals. Love that you found the dress from there.

  3. Yes! I love jeans, especially in the fall and winter. Let’s just say I have A LOT. But I’m able to buy them because I go to discount stores like you do. In the case that I can’t find what I’m looking for there, I will go to my favorite place for jeans called Vanity. They sell all their jeans by waist and length. I am 5’9″ and finding pants that are long enough can be hard. They sell up to a 37″ inseam! It’s pretty amazing.

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