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8 Decorative Elements for Holiday Centerpieces

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I’m always looking for easy ways to create holiday centerpieces. There are so many ways to make a table beautiful without breaking the bank. In fact, I don’t remember the last time I bought a pre-made centerpiece. Actually, I did earlier this Fall but returned it to the store (just couldn’t do it). Pre-made centerpieces are just too high priced. There are so many easy creative ideas with simple things in and around the house (both real and fake). Check out my roundup of ideas from others below. I hope you find something to inspire you.


8 Decorative Elements to Include in a Holiday Centerpiece

1. Candles 



2. Cranberries



3. Ornaments

Midwest Living 


She Leaves a Little Sparkle 


 4. Trees 

An Alli Event


Dear Lillie 


5. Wood

Jenna Burger


6. Pine Cones

Stone Gable


7. Lanterns

Midwest Living


Worthington Court


 8. Greenery

Julie Blanner


Weren’t these so beautiful yet creatively simple? I hope you found some ideas to help you create easy beautiful centerpieces this holiday. Which element is your favorite to incorporate in your decor?


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14 thoughts on “8 Decorative Elements for Holiday Centerpieces

  1. Oh what gorgeous centerpieces. I have not even started my decorating yet but I have my eye on a couple of these ideas! Decorating my tables is one of my favorite decor chores at Christmas. I especially enjoy using nature paired with shiny ornaments.

  2. I’m always looking for new ways to add holiday cheer to my Christmas table and you’ve certainly shared some beautiful ones. Thanks so much for including mine and giving me some new inspiration.

  3. What an amazing round up Zan. I really love how these centerpieces add some great holiday cheer to every dining table. My favorite are probably the lanterns. Thanks for sharing!

  4. So many cute ideas!! I like the different trees from Dear Lillie or the wood with votive candles in it! I may have to try the different trees centerpiece!

  5. I have a vase of ornaments I bought on sale a few years ago on my dining table. But I love all of the other ideas like the trees and pinecones! Might need to change it up for next year! Thanks for sharing, Zan!

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