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Mini Update in the Master Bedroom – With New Curtains and Bedding

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Thank you to Designer Living for partnering with me for our Master Bedroom Mini Update. All opinions of their awesome products are 100% my own. Thank you readers for supporting the brands that support this blog.

Hi friends, can you all believe that November is going by so quickly and that the holidays are already in full swing? It’s still considerably warm here as opposed to past times. I feel like the weather has been playing tricks on us – some days cold, some days so very warm, and other days somewhere in the middle. But we’re not complaining. We’re taking all the warm we can get because winter here is no joke!! Anyway, in preparation for cooler nights, I’ve spruced up our master bedroom a bit by adding more bedding and window curtains.


FINALLY, walls that’s not orange or yellow! It’s the only room color that makes me happy. Actually the guest room is this color and the the kids rooms are kid friendly pink and blue so those are great, too. You all know my struggle! But this lighter color gives me all the freedom to throw in WHATEVER decor color scheme without it clashing and looking out of sorts!!

Anyway, I don’t think I’ve shared our room since the Spring makeover in our previous home. Our summer move has thrown everything out of wack and it’s taking a while to make this house feel like home. That’s understandable. It’s considerably bigger than our former and there are so many little spaces to organize. Our living room, front sitting room, kids rooms, entryway closets, etc have been priority and I’m getting ‘no where fast’. But our bedroom has been put on the back burner with no intention to work on it quickly. Here are a few shots of the space. It’s like a master suite in here.




Although I was trying to spruce up other areas of our home first, I knew it was getting colder and the room was not warm enough. So I was super excited to concentrate on it a bit and add some necessities from Designer Living to make our room more cozy and warm during this season. It’s not fully decorated yet and it’s still pretty much a grey and white room with plenty empty space. But it is much better than what it was and I am loving walking into – puts a smile on my face every time. Not to mention, it does not feel as cold at nights now that I’ve made it a bit more cozy.

Designer Living has really great quality home decor products for very low prices. They are budget friendly and are a collection of top brands. It’s like having designer stuff without paying designer prices. No kidding!! I mean, I’m all about saving a penny or two on things that are durable and look nice. Aren’t you?!


The extra layers of bedding were much needed in this space. This microfiber sheet set and pillow cases are the best, so light weight but yet so soft an comfortable. And I’m always happy to climb into bed under that large plush grey blanket. For real!! Did I mention it’s for less than $20? Seriously. We’ve only had just one quilt and one set of sheets from back in the Spring. I’m not embarrassed to say it because honestly, I was quite content to use, wash, and re-use and have less clutter. Until it got colder, temps dropped, and that cold air started  to circulate our room during the wee hours of the night (morning). No one wants to climb out of bed to pump up the heat. What was I thinking?! This super plush blanket and sheet set makes the bedding feel less “thin” and a bit fuller for a comfortable night’s sleep.



I also added an oh so soft fur throw and it’s the next best thing ever!! There is just something about having a soft throw against your face while you get cozy. Seriously, am I the only one who does that? This fur throw blanket is soft as a cloud! It even looks soft here in the photo. I love that it has double softness on both sides. Ever had a blanket that has only ONE soft side? Nope, not this one! Our kids think it’s the softest throw ever and want to claim it as their own. Not that they don’t already have enough blankets on their own. Did I use the word SOFT so many times? Yes, because it really is?!!



And how about those curtains? I love love love them! I think they are beautiful and so elegant. I have a thing for elegant decor. That’s why I love things like pedestal candles and tall decorative vases. Maybe it has to do with my height!! But either way, these curtains are just the right touch to our bedroom. I don’t think I’ve ever seen curtains with ties like these. But from the moment I saw them, I did not want anything else. Where oh where were these when I was searching for curtains earlier this Fall? They are made from faux silk and come in various sizes up to 120″ long. They would be a perfect fit for our really high windows downstairs. But they are staying up here because they really make our bedroom lovely. The photos do not do them justice. I chose the size 108″ – drives me nuts to see “too short” curtains such as I have downstairs.


Our windows extend to the other side of the room which only has a TV as you may have seen in one of the before photos. My husband and I are thinking of adding a small sitting area to that corner. But again, everything takes time.



The curtains are lined which helps them to drape much better and also helps with privacy and keeping the heat inside. But they still let plenty of light in and do not make the room dark at all. My kind of curtains. I love having the shades up and the curtains drawn, but my hubby likes them all the way closed. So when he’s at work, I’ll put them up but once he comes home, he puts them down. By then it’s night time anyway so we both are having them just the way we like them.






For the larger window, I ended up using three panels because the ties make them spring back just a tad. So when closed, there are no tiny little spots peeking through. Nothing major but I just love seeing them full.


I also spruced up the room a bit with additional decor such as the mirrors above the night stands. Remember these nightstands that I did not get to put up during our room makeover in the Spring? I finally put them together while my husband was away on a business trip back in the summer. “Gotta” have nightstands.








If I may say so myself (as if I have not already said it enough), the new bedding and curtain have made the room so welcoming, warm, and cozy for us. We are really loving them; my hubby even helped me figure out how to tie the curtains . They were really easy once I got the idea.


Have you checked out Designer Living before? It’s worth checking out for awesome products at really good prices.

You can get 15% off all items mentioned in this post by clicking here and using code ZAN15 until 12/31/16. Note that this code cannot be combined with other offers and it’s not valid on specials, steals, or boutique items. One time use only.

Also, the fun does not stop here!! Do you enjoy Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping? You can save up to 80% off multi piece bedding sets! Deals kick off Wednesday, 11/23. Choose your own deal with codes EXTRA25 (11/23 – 11/27) and CYBER25 (11/28 – 12/4) for an extra 25% off most items site wide!

Now if these aren’t some fantastic deals with their already low prices, I don’t know what is. Think I’m gonna get shopping for some more awesome bedding and curtains myself. I really love those soft blankets:) And now that it looks better, I’m motivated to decorate it for the holidays.Pin - It New

master-bedroom-mini-updateI hope you enjoyed the tour and don’t forget to check out Designer Living for some awesome finds this holiday season. What do you think of my mini bedroom update? I’d love to know in the comments!!!


Thanks for Sharing!
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37 thoughts on “Mini Update in the Master Bedroom – With New Curtains and Bedding

  1. I just want to curl up on the sofa with that fur throw! I’m loving that it’s soft on both sides. I hate those throws that are satin on one side. You can’t get warm like that. The curtains are awesome too and I love the style. Your room looks so warm and cozy. I’m headed over to Designer Living to check out all the cool stuff. Thanks!

  2. I love the new curtains Zan, they immediately make the room look more cozy. My favorite is probably that fur throw, it looks so warm and comfy! Love all the little updates you did to the room!!

  3. A mini update is such a great idea – not as much money but still gives you a new, fresh feeling. The room is so light and bright, especially the curtains. And that soft fur blanket looks so comfy!

  4. Zan, your room is looking amazing. I’m all for cozy bedding. Thanks for the code. I’m in need of a new duvet. Oh and maybe that blanket !!!

  5. Our quilts are nearly identical 🙂 I think you style a bed so nicely, it always feels very cozy and welcoming. I really like the curtains! White is my favorite choice for curtains, and I love how they have the knot at the top.

  6. Zan, everything is really cozy and warm. I love those curtains, especially the way they are tied at the top. I had to go shop at Designer Living right then! They have so many curtain selections, I’ll be back to shop again when we are ready to replace ours which won’t be long. Designer Living has very affordable prices and great selections. There is a nice selection of dog beds which we are in the market for too.
    I’d be ashamed to say how many soft blankets I have but none of them are bed size. They are all throws for the sofa. We need a nice big blanket for the bed and I’m all about soft!

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