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When Your Little Girls Start Reading Chapter Books

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Find some chapter books for your little girls to start off with. They’re fun reads that I think your kids will enjoy. This post contains affiliate links for your convenience.

Chapter Books for Kids

I mean, how are my little girls reading chapter books already? Well one’s ten and has been reading chapter books for a while now and the other one is 8 and have recently started. But it always surprises me when I look back and think about how they are growing. Below I’ve listed a few of their beginning favorite chapter books.

Our 8 year old has been reading chapter books but with photos for school. Recently, though, she grabbed one of her sister’s Chapter books and started reading it.

I know what you are thinking, isn’t she 8? Shouldn’t she be reading chapter books by now. Yes. I suppose so. She’s already been reading some chapter books for school from age 7. However, they do have questions at the end of each chapter since it’s school related. And others of them are short stories compiled in one book.

Reading has frustrated our little princess for a while now. When she was in Kindergarten, it upset her much when she couldn’t read a word. Last year, even at mid-seven, some books felt a little too overwhelming for her. Now here we are at 8, and she couldn’t be happier to dive in.

Anyway, she’s enjoying chapter books now and I just can’t wait to add to their collection. I love buying books and I’ve spotted and save a few I want to order. You can find some of them listed below.

Recommended Chapter Books Ideas for Kids

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