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Homeschool Dress-Up Day – How to Make Homeschool Less Boring

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Homeschooling? Why not have a Homeschool Dress-Up Day that your little ones will enjoy?! This post contains affiliate links for your convenience.


Homeschool Dress-Up Day

I’m always looking for ways to make homeschool more fun for the kids, especially on days when we do more “bookwork” at home. So I thought I would come up with some ideas of things we can do. It seems like we could get stuck into a one-way routine of just getting the schoolwork done. How about something the kids could enjoy while they do school for a day or two out of the week? Note: This is apart from days when we are out and about exploring, playing or doing other life-skills.

One morning, our 8 year old daughter walked into our room taking about what her night was like the previous night. I immediately remembered that I was planning to have them do a dress up day for school that day. She was so excited to get dressed up in something other than regular clothing for the day. If you are wondering if the kids are not allowed to wear what they want on homeschool days, they are. But they don’t usually choose “play dress-up clothes during school time. They’d rather be comfy and on occasion, especially during the winter, they’ll even wear PJs. Having a day for Dress-Up made things more special.



Dress-Up Day – Princess Elsa

Here are some photos of my little princess concentrating on her work while looking all spruced up for the day! She chose her Elsa costume and looked gorgeous in it too. Our 10 year old decided she didn’t want to dress up and that was ok. I wasn’t going to cancel it since it’s only a costume; plus our 8 year old had so much fun it was totally worth the idea.

Want to Have a Homeschool Dress-Up Day?

You don’t need to go out a buy a new costume. Your little one(s) can wear whatever they have on-hand. If they don’t have anything they like they could even put something together from their closet (or yours) to create the perfect outfit (our kids love playing dress-up in their parents clothing, too). Or, if your little one MUST-HAVE an Elsa costume, then here is the one we got (here). Have fun and don’t be too serious about it:)


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