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Fall Table Setting & How I Created it Frugally

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I love a pretty table and enjoy having a separate dinning table to dress it up for the seasons or just because. My family enjoys sitting at the formal dining table occasionally for big meals as much as I enjoy setting the table.


Today I am sharing with you our Fall Table Setting and How I Created it Frugally. It took me a while to figure out what I actually want to use on the table. There are so many options. After playing around with a few ideas for weeks, in just a few minutes one afternoon, I thrashed all ideas and created this frugal table.


As you already know, my paint colors are not so friendly to me in pictures. But we work with what we have and try to make the best of it. In addition, there is not much furniture in the dinning room except the table and chairs. Although, I think it would be nice to have a buffet or something related to fill the space. But for now, a pretty table is good enough. We have some tall brown bookshelves sitting unused in our garage that I have though of binning in here on multiple occasions. But because they are very tall, they need to be secured to the wall to keep from tipping over. We really do not want to add brackets to the walls, so for now, our bookshelves are unused.

Anyway, back to the table. I decided to do a soup and salad inspired table setting and used dried elements for decorating. Why dry? We don’t eat in the dinning room everyday – we use our breakfast nook. We used the dinning room more on Sundays and on holidays. So while it would be pretty to have real fruit or so on the table, I imagined having to change them out frequently. I feel like the dried elements will keep for a little while longer. If we were going to use the table right away, then the real fruit or bushes would definitely be a great addition.

So here is how I set our table frugally and I know you can do one too. I understand it is very difficult in today’s world of visuals not to want to follow what everyone else is doing. But that is not always the way to happiness. I am learning that seasonal table setting does not always mean purchasing new items.

1.  I began by laying a table running in the middle of the table. It was one I purchased from At Home stores to include in my Fall home tour but I never got around to showing the table. I know I just said a table setting does not necessarily require all new items. The only thing really new specific for the table is the runner. I did not have a table cloth or runner and had no extra linen lying around to make one. So I ended up purchasing this one around $10 which was a super awesome steal.  If you have extra linen and want to make an easy runner, my friend Alli has an easy tutorial. And while you are there, check out her Fall home tour – it is fabulous!!


2. I used a simple centerpiece. I had some left over faux hydrangeas, pine cones, acorns, and clear vases and I decided to put them altogether for a simple centerpiece. My clear vases are Dollar Tree inspired and I spray painted the bottom of two with gold spray paint for an up-cycled look. You may have heard me mention that I am selective about Dollar Tree decor because they tend not to last as long. But there are some things that hold their weight. Their line of clear vases always gets me. Each season, I pick up around 3 to 5 of them in different shapes to display seasonal decor. When the season is over, I get rid of them and need them back! So, Dollar Vases, I’m keeping you.



3. I used our regular dinnerware. We invested in them from IKEA about 3 years ago and they are still going strong. Would I have loved to have something different? Yes, but I don’t have a fancy storage cabinet to display dishes. It would be fun to have one. I only keep our everyday and one other set which is also white with gold rim. And because the ideas behind this Fall table setting is soup and salad inspired, I chose to use bowls rather than regular pates.  The idea of a cozy Fall soup sounds good to me.


4. I used our everyday silverware. We have enough to keep some extras on the dinning table until we need them there. They are also from IKEA. Our champagne glasses are from my wedding stash.


5. I added napkins that I have owned for a few years now. I have a set of blue, brown, and white. I chose to go with the blue to compliment our overall Fall home decor colors.



6. Pine cones are used as place cards. They are not really “place cards” in their true sense but I love adding one to each bowl. The placemats were also part of what I already had.


7. And because a pretty table deserve some pretty wall decor to compliment, I added a bit of decor to the surrounding walls. I pretty much used what I had on hand. I picked up this chalkboard from Kohl’s a while ago during their clearance for around $10.



And my clock came from Kohl’s too for around $7. It was green but since I don’t really own green decor, I painted it white.


8. I used printables. For this side of the walls, I could not figure out what to use and thought of leaving it blank. But I had these printables I made sometime in August and some extra picture frames hanging around. That was my instant decor for these spaces.


You can find the link to download the Harvest Blessings printable here. I love how simple it is and how well it depicts all the bountifulness of Fall.


And the All About Fall printable states a few Fall related happenings. Find the link to download it here. I love creating these printables and sharing them with my readers.

9. I re-used window curtains. These were brought down from another room that does not really need them. They are still not at the length I would like them to be but for now, they are in here.


10. A soft blanket is thrown over one seat for good looks and to add a bit of cozy to the room. I love one simple blanket could add that ‘touch’ to any room.


The plate wall was an addition I made earlier this summer. This post can be found here.

All in all, I really love how this setting turned out. It is so fun to walk past the door and look in there. My husband gave me the thumbs up in the few minutes I took to create this. Of course, I had to ask his opinion on how it looked. Also, the kids always think it is time to eat in the dinning room once the table is set. We do eat in there and reset the table when we are done but like I mentioned earlier, it is not an everyday event. But for around $10 bucks and 10 frugal steps later, our Fall table and dinning room is set and we are loving it.



What do you think of it? Do you have a separate dinning table that you love to dress up during the seasons or just because? I would love to hear about it in the comments.


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18 thoughts on “Fall Table Setting & How I Created it Frugally

  1. I love decorating with pinecones. I’m in GA visiting my dad and we went out to their cabin yesterday and I picked up a pile of huge pinecones. I grabbed some deer antlers too and I’m ready to create a new centerpiece. 🙂

    I absolutely love your table runner and your entire fall table. It’s so pretty and I love how your decor.

  2. Love it, especially the natural elements. The colors and elements are really nice for fall. We only have everyday silverware so that will be just fine, right. Those adorable faux colored pine cones steal my heart every time! We do have a separate dining room but rarely eat there either. The kitchen is the heart of the home and that’s where we usually share our meals too.

  3. This turned out great Zan! Everything looks very cozy and simple. I am super jealous that you have a separate dining room. I’d love to do some pretty tablescapes, but I’d always have to move them since we are at our kitchen table multiple times a day.

    1. It is really hard to do tablescapes on everyday use tables. They are just not practical. It’s fun to do them every once in a while but on a daily basis, nope. Having a separate dinning room makes it really easy.

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