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Cute Halloween Gift Finds for Kids

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These Halloween Finds for the Kids are super cute and so fun for them to use. They will have a blast using them!

Skeleton Pajamas - Halloween Gifts for Kids -

Fun Holiday Surprises and Gifts for Kids

I absolutely loooooove getting little fun surprises for the kids during the holiday season. Creating a basket of goodies of some sort is a fun way to spice things up and give them some activities to do at home throughout the season. I made each of the kids a Halloween basket that they couldn’t wait to see what was inside. I grabbed the stuff from Walmart, Target, and the Dollar Tree. All of the stores had such cute stuff for kids this year. I’ve added affiliate links to this post for your convenience.

Halloween Boo Baskets - Halloween Gift Baskets for Kids -

Shop Halloween Gift Basket Items from Target


Halloween Mugs for Kids -

Shop Cute Halloween Mugs from Walmart

Walmart delivered with these cute mugs. The pink ones are out of stock but here’s a similar orange. I think Walmart had a very good Halloween selection of goodies this year as opposed to years I’ve seen. Although, we didn’t pay much attention to last’s years so I can’t really speak for it.


Skeleton Pajamas from Amazon

I can’t get over the kids happy faces in these pajamas:) So very cute! Each year, I look forward to buying cute holiday pajamas for the children, yet I don’t always get around to them. This year, I decided to buy these Halloween Pajamas I was eye-ing for a few years now. I thought my kids would enjoy them because of the light-up feature. Sure enough, they had such a blast with these the first few days they tried and wore them at night. One of our daughters mentioned that she wouldn’t wear it nightly to save from washing too much. That way, we could save the light-up feature.

Skeleton Pajamas -

Shop These Pajamas

Girls Light Up Skeleton Pajamas – Sizes range from little to big kids

Boys Light Up Skeleton Pajamas – Sizes range from little to big kids

Girls Light Up Skeleton Pajamas – Sizes range from little to big kids


Do you love getting fun little holiday surprises for your kids? Don’t you just love to see their reactions?

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