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Holiday Tea Party & A Movie

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I have a fun post for you today! I’m teaming up with some favorite friends to share our Christmas traditions with you. It is no secret that Christmas and traditions go hand in hand. It’s the time of year when families gather together to do activities that they generally wouldn’t do other times of the year. This year, I’m showing you how At Home stores is helping me to create these fun traditions. Be sure to check out how the other ladies use products from At Home to create their traditions. We also have a fun surprise so you too could make your traditions happen with wonderful products from At Home stores. 


One of the things we love most is tea parties. After all, I grew up in a home where tea was a thing all the time. Our little tropical island was once owned by the British so I’m guessing that we’ve acquired many of their traditions. My husband and I started having tea parties with our first little one when she was around one year old. She just turned six (oh my) and still loves tea parties just as much. Her sister and little brother are the same. What kid doesn’t? When you have younger kids, you create activities that they too could enjoy during the holidays and not just what we parents enjoy. It’s one of the reasons I love keeping this tradition. #myreason It makes sense that this time of year, when it’s cold outside, to stay indoors and do fun activities with the kids. 

I have hinted about it in various posts in the past and even shared one on my Instagram page with their dad. There are so many other traditions we enjoy this time of year such as loading up the van with hot cocoa and blankets and heading out to watch Christmas lights. But I had to narrow it down to share just one. So of course, we picked tea parties and added a movie to it. I know the movie Frozen is so last year (or soooo years ago). We pull it out every once in a while especially around the holidays when it is snowing outside and we have a tea party while watching it. It’s really is a fun time for the kids especially on cold wintry days. My husband was at work for this one but when he’s home he loves joining the kids for tea.


We decided to bake some Christmas cookies, a cake, finger foods, and drink hot tea. My girls love helping me bake and we typically do some cookies each holiday. It gets a bit harder to have bake sessions with more than one kid. Having all of them standing on chairs or small stools helping is not the most practical. My strategy is to take them all to the table and have them sit and help. On occasion, I would pre-make the cookies and have them help cut it out if I want to avoid the mess. That is my easier solution to have them involved because they really do enjoy it whenever I let them.

I was delighted to find everything I needed from At Home to create a small tea party for the kids on a snowy afternoon this past week. I’ve linked them below. At Home does not have e-commerce at this time but it is always helpful to search the store online. Their products are fabulous and so affordable! You could basically find all your home decor needs just by shopping with them.

I  picked up some serving dishes as I have been slacking on buy them and more baking pans too. I don’t know what happened to my previous serving plates and such but I had like zero or really just one that I use all the time. And then when I needed to serve more than one dishes, I used wide plates. They are OK but not as fun. I loved finding this 3 tiered pedestal serving set. I’ve wanting to buy one but never could find the right one at the time – for the right price:) They will be great for hosting all kinds of parties. Oh how I love them already!! 


I also picked up some bar stools from At Home was such a big help to us during the baking sesh! I love the kitchen island but we had no bar stools for it so when we baked, we’d use the breakfast table. But our breakfast table needed an upgrade. We ended up throwing it out a few days ago because it was time to go! Did not even bother to resell it. After all, we got it used anyway. We do have a separate dinning room with a table but taking all the baking to that room is just a process. We did that earlier this month and it got a bit messy in there with the carpeted flooring and all. These bar stools  are helping a bunch to keep everything in the kitchen. And the counter top is just so huge, too! 


They are a tad high but they are tall enough for little bodies. At home has so many sizes and variations to choose from. The girls sit comfortably on these. One of them was fascinated with the gingerbread countdown and had a time playing with it before she started baking. And since our breakfast table gave way, this has really become a fun spot!! All the messes will stay right in the kitchen. 






We baked and frosted one day and then when everything was ready, we got dressed up and had our party on the next afternoon. My husband was at work for this one. But having what we need now will help us create more tea parties. I I set everything up for the kids right there on the kitchen island. This side of the kitchen is a bit tricky for pictures as you may notice.





They had fun helping as they told me. And they definitely had fun eating all the goodies things and drinking tea! I threw in some veges and crackers to help off set all the sweet (if that’s a thing). 


Even our tiny son enjoyed trying a frosted cookie – he generally does not like sweet. I guess it was fun for him too. He also ‘helped’ decorate some cookies and tried frosting then too. I love his little expression here!!



Here is peek into my holiday home which I’ll be sharing this evening. Would appreciate you popping in for this one too (also using a bit of holiday decor from At Home). You can see the empty spot where the breakfast table used to be in the background leading to the family room.





I hope you enjoyed reading about one of our Christmas traditions. Find all the products from At Home listed here. Be sure to join us in the fun by also sharing your finds from At Home and using the hashtag #myreason for celebrating holiday traditions and tagging At Home when you share. They’d love to see what you found!

Bar Stools

5 Piece Baking Set

Serving Trays

Tiered Pedestal Serving Plates

Gingerbread Pot Holder

Gingerbread Countdown

And don’t forget to stop by the other ladies participating to see how they too are using products from At Home to make their Christmas traditions this year.

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Remember that fun surprise I mentioned earlier? Our friends from At Home is giving away $100 in gift cards to one winner, will it be you? I know you’ll love their fabulous products just as we do to help with your Christmas traditions. To enter the giveaway, simply follow the instructions below for a chance to win a fun little Christmas shopping spree to At Home stores. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks for stopping by. What are some of the traditions you do each holiday? I would love to hear about them in the comments below!!


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19 thoughts on “Holiday Tea Party & A Movie

  1. Your kids and cookies are adorable! A tea party is so much fun, especially during the holidays. Add a movie and you’ve created the perfect afternoon. When your kids grow up, they’ll always remember how much fun they had and all the precious memories you helped create with them. I do love the Christmas season and thanks for making this blog hop so successful!

  2. A perfectly sweet and wonderful way to spend the afternoon! Thanks again for coordinating the blog hop – I’m loving reading about everyone’s traditions!

  3. Aww the kiddos look like they’re having SO much fun!! What a fun holiday tradition! I’m not much of a tea drinker but having a tea party with the kids, complete with sweet treats, sounds so fun. We love Frozen here, too, even if it is “so last year ” 😉

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