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Painted Pumpkins with Twine Stems

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Customizing the color and style of pumpkins to fit any Fall decor is so easy – just use some paint and you’ve got instant color change!

Painted Pumpkins With Twine Stem -Centerpiece- At Home With Zan

Last year, I painted some Styrofoam pumpkins I picked up from the Dollar Tree. They turned out alright but I am not sure what ever happened to them. Recently, I decided to make them again. They are more on the rustic side because of the added twine. I’ve updated this post with new photos ( in place of the old ones) since I was able to do a fuller tutorial with more images. The previous photos did not turn out so well.

You may have heard me mention before that I am very selective of what I buy from the Dollar store. Because while I love decor on a budget, I don’t necessarily want them to fall apart in like a week or two. But these pumpkins originally came from said store. They are nothing special and in fact one of the stems popped right out once I got home, but for quick easy and super frugal seasonal decor they will do!

Painted Pumpkins With Twine Stems -Centerpiece- At Home With Zan

But as you can imagine, these DIY pumpkins are very easy to make. The paint of course, needs drying time but if no paint is involved then these would be super fast. Just hot glue some twine around pumpkin stems.

What you need:

  • Cheap faux pumpkins
  • Jute twine
  • Paint (I used white chalk paint)
  • Hot glue
  • Clear Acrylic sealer (optional)


If desired, paint pumpkins in the desired color. Two to three coats is best. Keep in mind that there may be an underlying peek of the original color even after painting. But it is subtle so don’t worry too much about it.

Painting Pumpkins -Gold - White - Customizable - At Home With Zan-

Painting Pumpkins - At Home With Zan

Painting Pumpkins - At Home With Zan -

Start with the body then once it is dried fully, turn it over and paint the bottom section of the pumpkin. Let it dry fully before turning it over.

-Painting Pumpkins - At Home With Zan -

-Painting Pumpkins - At Home With Zan

If desired, spray with acrylic sealer (if desired) and again, allow it to dry fully. This is a different pumpkin as the one shown above but I painted that one too on a different day (I believe this one was spray painted but similar painting tutorial). If spray painting, try spraying the bottom first, let dry, then spray the top down to get a full smooth coverage. I used most of the ones with the shorter stems for a different project shown here.

Painted Pumpkins With Twine Stem - At Home With Zan-

Once everything is dried and ready to go, wrap jute twine around the stems and use a hot glue gun to keep it in place. Start by applying a small amount of hot glue at the bottom of the stem. Attach one end of the twine, then work your way up applying more hot glue as needed to hold the rope in place.

Painted Pumpkins White With Twine Stem - At Home With Zan-

-Painted Pumpkins With Twine Stem - At Home With Zan-

Wrap all the way to the top, making sure that no part of the stem is showing. Cut the twine and hot glue the other end at the top.

Painted Pumpkins -With Twine Stem - At Home With Zan-

Painted Pumpkins -White - With Twine Stem - At Home With Zan-

Painted Pumpkins With Twine Stems - At Home With Zan

This is such a simple idea but it is an easy way to get the color of pumpkins that you wish to decorate with if you cannot find ones in your desired color. Our girls love glittered pumpkins so I am thinking of doing some with them. And you know they are going to be pink because they just love anything pink no matter what season.

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Painted Pumpkins With Twine Wrapped Stems - At Home With Zan

Have you painted pumpkins before? Did you like how they turned out? I would love to know your thoughts in the comments.

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