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Birthdays & Parties

9th Birthday Party Ideas for Kids – Our Son’s 9th Birthday Party

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Happy 9th Birthday to my boy!

Ah my baby boy is growing up! I just can’t. He’s too cute. I came to the conclusion that it was very true when others talked about missing the tinier days with their children. “Life” was just simple:

  • play all day
  • no school or homework to worry about
  • most little activities and outing’s brought happiness (anything from a blow-up pool of water in the backyard to a trip to the most exquisite beach).

The simple joy’s brought me joy just as it brought my own kids. But growing up is a part of their childhood and we simply need to embrace where we are in our different season. So here we are at 9 and this is what I shared on Instagram:

“To my sweet little boy – 9 seems unreal on you. You were my little shadow just a few years ago, we did everything together, especially in a year when the girls were in school and even when they were homeschooled, finding activities to do with you while they were learning was so fun. What a joy to always have had you by my side. I miss those tender little ages. But here we are, embracing the season of growing up because children are a blessing and growing up is part of that blessing!!”

Let’s embrace our children growing up mamas. Every season is an opportunity to discover the new  joys that come with growing up.

She looketh well to the ways of her household and eateth not the bread of idleness (Proverbs 31:27).

Thanks for Sharing!
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