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Halloween Party for Kids

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Create a Halloween Party at home for the kids and for your family to enjoy. It’s personal and you don’t have to worry about “perfection” and too much stuff.

Halloween Party for Kids - Cupcake -

We always did a little party at the house for the kids on Halloween day. At the time, the kids were homeschooled so we were always at home on the day of Halloween. We’d do our party sometime during the day before Trick-or-Treating. 

I’m aware it’s Nov. 1 but I still wanted to share this post I’ve started to work on and didn’t get around to sharing it prior.

Here is what the table and food looked like at one of our parties when I went all out. See our table setting for this party here. It was very fun to put together and a blast for us (the kids and I). Dad didn’t come home early enough from work so we saved him some.

Halloween Party for Kids

Have some:

  • Finger foods or Pizza (fruits and veggies sides and are a great way to off balance the sugar to follow)
  • A cake or cupcakes
  • Popcorn
  • A few family games
  • Party Favors for the table playtime 
  • Treat bags

The Food

I served veggie trays, crackers, pepperoni and kept with the party theme colors. My kids are veggie eaters and didn’t mind a simple tray. And then we had a dessert and treat bar.

Halloween-Tablescape-Halloween-Table-Setting-for-Kids-Halloween Party for Kids -

The Dessert & Treat Bar

Halloween Party for Kids -

The Cakes

We definitely didn’t need two different types of cakes. However, while I knew the kids would enjoy the cupcakes, I wanted to try out making a Spider Cake for the fun of it. It turned out interesting. The cake was tasty but the looks?? I’m not sure if it’s a crab or some kind of sea creature. Ha! That was fun while it lasted.

Spider Cake (attempt)

Halloween Party for Kids - Spider Cake -

Popcorn and Cupcakes – I wanted to add some savory to the dessert bar. Popcorn is always a fun party food.

Halloween Party for Kids - Cupcakes - Popcorn -

I love how fluffy and delicious my homemade frosting turned out.

Halloween Party for Kids - Cupcake -

We were obsessed with these Orange Oreos and have been ever since. I always get a few packs during the season.

Halloween Party for Kids - Oreos -

Party Favors to use at the table and after the party – Small bubbles, playdough

Halloween Party for Kids - Treats - Favors -

Some Candy – treat bags I believe I made for the kids

Halloween Party for Kids - Candy -

That little party was super fun and the kids were such good sports and brought all the excitement!

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