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Ordering Fruits & Vegetables from Imperfect Foods – First Order Plus A Video Review

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This post is a review of what we think of our first order with Imperfect foods. It’s not sponsored in any way – just something we wanted to try.

Imperfect Foods Order and Review

A little Background of Our Family’s Fruit and Veggie Intake

Our family is big on fruits and vegetables. In fact, growing up my diet was heavily plant-based. I’m happy that my husband and kids love them just as much. It’s not every parent that can say that their kids love vegetables. So I’m thankful that ours are willing to try. Before moving to a new area, our grocery list was loaded with all kinds of fruit and vegetables, especially when did a bigger grocery buy monthly. Then if we were running low during a week, my husband would stop at the store on his way from work to pick up some more (or I’d go the store to get more). It’s just the way we love to eat.

Imperfect Foods Order and Review

Why We Ordered Instead of Going to the Store

Unfortunately, we no longer have the luxurious access to fruit and vegetable stores close to our home. We do have Walmart, Aldi and a couple other stores in the area but nothing like we did before. In fact, one of the only stores we know that has a ton of good fruit and veggies is about 35 minutes away. We purchase from Walmart and sometimes Aldi now. Needless to say, lately our fruit and veggie intake has not been as big as we’d like it to be. We always have some on hand but there’s not much variety.

Side note: We did buy veggies from Aldi and (an occasional Walmart) in our previous location too but we found the selection to be much more fresh at Aldi with a bit more variety than where we are now.

In our quest to have regular fruit and veggie with our meals, my husband did some research. While we would rather choose them ourselves, given the location of where we are it seemed like we needed to try something new. We found this company called “Imperfect Foods”. Have you heard of it? It’s a company that delivers weekly to your home. The veggies and fruit may be “imperfect” for these reasons:

  • shaped differently than what we call regular
  • may be dented or scraped a little
  • not enough demand

Imperfect Foods First Order

Imperfect Foods Order and Review

The Packaging

The order showed up a day late than what we expected. We were notified on the day it was supposed to arrive that it would be late. It was however well packed in an insulated box. The fruit and vegetables didn’t look as abnormal, some of them only had a few dents and scratches. Watch the video below to see the full review of what we think about the order and if it was worth the effort. Ps. Think my husband did a pretty good job explaining.

Imperfect Foods Order and Review

Video Review of Our First Imperfect Foods Order

But the video is a little imperfect – Still working on things so we hope you don’t mind:)

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Imperfect Foods Order and Review

If you watched the video, what do you think about it? Have you heard of Imperfect Imperfect Foods delivery before?

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