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Rice Play – So Much Fun For Our Kids

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We frequently have rice play around here. See the new Rice Bin tutorial here.


It is an activity both kids enjoy.

Amazingly, this is one of our kids favorite play – rice!

Pour 2 to 3 cups of rice in a bowl and add food coloring. I added various colors. You can omit the food coloring but I think it makes for more fun when it is colored.

Mix well with hands until the rice is dyed.


Spread  a blanket on the floor and present the kids with measuring cups, spoons, play kitchen toys, etc. Sometimes, rice get all over the floor but that is OK, we just sweep or vacuum when they are done playing.


Let them play!


S really enjoyed measuring and pouring. Baby B loves grabbing a handful, letting it go, and then splattering the rice all over.


Measuring rice in a little play pot – so cute.


Here S has is serving rice on her teapot set.

Check out the new Rice Bin tutorial here.

Thanks for Sharing!
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