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Snow Day Themed Activities for Kids

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Writing this post brings back fond memories of my very casual family and kids activity posts that I used to do. I just love the casual feel of these types of posts. I am considering bringing them back.

Do you have little ones at home during the winter who cannot wait to get outdoors? I think the girls are OK with staying indoors and keeping busy but the little guy is always asking about the outdoors (aka the zoo, the aquarium, the animal farm, the park, the even the pumpkin patch and more). He loves all these and really enjoys all things animals!! But given that it’s winter and we stay home more than we go out, I try to do a here and there activity at home to help enjoy to help them cut down on some of the “winter blues” (for lack of a better phrase).

Snow Themed Day - How to Create a Snow Themed Day - for Kids At Home - Winter Books - At Home With Zan

Earlier, the kids and I were a little under the weather. The first few days of the cold, flu, fevers, they pretty much laid around on the couches and just watched TV, something they never do so it was extra proof that they were not feeling the best. Especially our 7 year old who is ALWAYS coming up with some creative idea of play for her and the two younger siblings. Once they started feeling better (not fully but were up and about) I could tell they needed something to do other than playing with dolls, cars, trucks, and toys all day. So I took some time to create a ‘snow themed’ day with indoor winter activities. It is easy to do. If you have little kids at home and want to do something like this, you may already have everything you need.

Snow Day Activities for Kids – Ideas for a Themed Snow Day At Home

Note: They don’t have to do all these activities listed (we didn’t). It might be too much so just choose a few from the list to do

  • Set Aside Time: a morning or afternoon to do the activities (depending on your little one’s schedule)
  • Read Books: Choose some winter related children’s books to read to them
  • Snow Play: Let them play in the snow outdoors or indoors (fill a bin with snow and bring it inside)
  • Snack: Make them a winter related snack or frozen or hot drink (Check out my hot cocoa recipe here)
  • Show or Movie: They could watch a kids’s winter related show or a movie. (If your kids do not watch TV, then substitute for another activity – maybe a Youtube kids something? or skip this part all together)!!
  • Craft: If you have more time and the kids want to keep going, you can include a winter craft such as a paper snowman, snowflakes, or other type of craft
  • Paint: Painting is another additional activity that can be done
  • Winter Coloring Pages: Seasonal coloring pages are also a great option
  • Dress-UP: They can put on their favorite winter costumes and play dress-up
  • Games: Indoor winter games could also be played such as a board game

What we did:

  • Read – I started off by reading some books (well one book) to the kids because by the time we were done reading the one, we were all itching to get on with the rest of the activities.
  • Indoor Snow Play – Next, I brought in some containers of snow from outside. The kids had colds and were getting over fevers so I did not want to send them outside in the cold. But I could tell they needed something to do other than play wit their dolls, trucks, toys all day. Once I brought up the snow themed day idea, all were ecstatic!
  • They played with the snow indoors with little shovels and sand play tools. They are not only good for summer! At first, I emptied the snow in one big roasting pan (we don’t use anymore for baking). But then I decided it would be better to let them each have their own bowl of snow. I got some more from outside and did just that. That idea was well received, too. As you can see, we added food coloring and glitter to the mix. Note: Be sure to line the play area with a large towel, blanket, or even a table cloth. I keep a few plastic tablecloths ($1 from the Dollar tree or even Walmart) for activities like painting and like this.
  • Movie – Once they were done playing with the snow, some of them changed clothing because their clothes got a little wet. They came back downstairs and I started the movie FROZEN for them to watch while I made the drink. I thought of putting on a different winter movie or winter show but I just could not think of any at the time. So Frozen it was with all that icy-ness in the movie plus they had not watch it for a while. Note: This was not a FROZEN themed winter day it was just a snow themed day and whatever I could find related. 

Snow Day Themed Activities for Kids At Home - Indoor Snow Play - At Home With Zan

Snow Day - Themed Activities for Kids At Home - Indoor Snow - At Home With Zan-

  • Snack: I made a quick white chocolate drink. In all seriousness, we hardly ever do much milk drinks but it was fun to try. We are more with tea and hot cocoa (my hot cocoa recipe here). In fact, the last time I did one was probably back a few winters ago when I did a similar themed day. It was their first one and they loved it. But now one of the kids is not that much into milk so she only drank a little. Plus our son does no milk at all so he opted out. But it was fun to make either way. I thought of making some cookies with winter decorations (the snowflake sprinkles) but realized I had no butter. So they drank some of this drink and the other one had yogurt. They did that while watching the movie.

White Chocolate Milk Shake - For Kids - At Home With Zan -

  • Dress-up – Once they were a little tired of sitting, they decided to go change into costumes (Elsa and Anna) and I should get the little boy Olaf, for real. This idea just popped in my head right now:) They kept their costumes on, played some, watched the movie some, played some and vice versa. They finally sat down to finish the end of it.
  • We didn’t do a craft because by the time they were done, I didn’t want to add anything else to the list. While it was not hectic, it took me longer than I intended since I decided to have take photos to share in this post. Also, I didn’t prep ahead and just got everything out that same day. That might have help to cut down a little on the time. All in all, the kids enjoyed it and I did too, putting it together for them.

As mentioned above, the key is to find a few winter activities you can do with the little ones indoors. It does not have to cost a thing nor does it have to be complicated. Most likely, they’ll enjoy the idea and any little fun activities you choose.

How do you keep your littles occupied during the winter months when they are kept inside most days because it’s too cold to play outside?

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