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Valentine Cookies – Only 2 Ingredients

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Make the easiest Valentine’s Cookies ever using only 2 ingredients! This post contains affiliate links for your convenience.

Holiday cookies are so fun to make with a variety of ways to bake and decorate them, especially sugar cookies. I don’t enjoy fully baked sugar cookies from the groceries as much. I like to bake them. While I enjoy making sugar cookies from scratch, I’m under the impression that they are also enjoyable getting them premade, either ready to mix or ready to bake. After all, a sugar cookie will most-likely contain sugar whether they are homemade or premade store-bought.

In any event, as I we were out shopping at Walmart sometime in January and seeing all of the Valentine’s goodies on display, I decided to get a couple of ingredients to make some Valentine’s Sugar Cookies. I picked up a frozen pk of Sugar cookie dough and a tub of pink frosting that was on a Valentine’s baking shelf.

Valentine’s Cookie Recipe


  • 1 Pk Frozen Pillsbury’s Sugar Cookie dough
  • 1 tub frosting with sprinkles (pink, red, or white)


  • Prepare and bake cookies according to the package directions.
  • Let cool.
  • Frost, add sprinkles. Enjoy!

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