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Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids

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Create a basket with some of these fun Valentine’s Day Gifts for your kids!

It seems like as Christmas is over the Red, and White items start to pop up in the stores. It still catches me by surprise even though it happens yearly. I’d go into a store after New Years with intention to shop grocery or other household items and right in front of me will be shelves filled with Valentine’s Day products: stuffed animals, cookie cutters, sprinkles, wreaths, pompoms, etc. So what’s a girl to do? Say “ooh and ahh” like everybody else and start thinking what I can pick up for the kiddos if they are not with me at the moment. They usually were with me shopping when they were homeschooled so all gift-buying had to wait until they were with dad.

But if per chance the kids weren’t with me (like on a recent trip), I’d stroll the isles looking at the products for good measure, pause, and wonder if I should add a thing or too to the cart or wait? Then I remind myself that I didn’t come here for this today and walk away all the while wondering if I should go back and get those cute stuffed animal I saw while they’re in stock. Before you know it, my cart now has a few Valentine’s gifts for the kids as I slowly collect items. Are you in the same boat? I know you mamas out there get it.

Valentine’s Gifts That aren’t Just Stuffed Animals

Since Valentine’s Day is the next big holiday, you can start putting together little gift baskets for your kiddos. How do I do that? Well, I’m glad you asked. One one of my recent shopping trips to buy Baskets to organize my house, I came across such cute Valentine’s Day Kids stuff that I figured I would get a few. These are some of what I got – cute red and white outfits (they’ll probably need them for themed school activities anyway), glittery water bottles with stickers and pompoms & cool red and white mugs. In a previous shopping trip I had also picked up a stuffy for each kid. Ah, the excitement! In any event, if you’re looking for different ideas to gift to the kids that aren’t stuffed animals, keep reading. I hope you find a few ideas that can help you out. All links are affiliate links for your convenience.

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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids Toddlers to 10

Here is how you can put together a Valentine’s basket for your little or big one. You can add things like:

  • a heart pillow
  • a pajama set
  • a fun water bottle
  • sunglasses
  • a cute outfit
  • a plush toy
  • a coloring book set

Cute Coloring Book

a coloring book or sticker book activity set

Plus Pillows

Heart Plush Pillow

Emoji Hear Eyes Pillow

Cute Water Bottles

Kids Water Bottle with Straw- Girl

Water Bottle With Straw – Boy


Heart-Shaped Sunglasses – Girls

Heart-Shaped Sunglasses – Boys


Cute Valentine’s PJs for Kids-Boys

Valentine’s PJs for Kids – Girls

Stuffed Animals

Stuffed Animal – Bear Plush with Heart

Stuffed Animal – I Love You Bear

Cute Outfits

Valentine’s Day Outfits for Small Children

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Children 11 and Up

If your kids are a bit older, you can give them any of the gifts above according to their age and size (no one’s too big to get a stuffed animal, water bottles or pjs) and you and consider the following gifts below too.


Cute Mugs (I love Valentine’s Mugs or any mug for that matter)

Cocoa or Tea Mugs – You can customize these according to names


Heart-Shaped Pens – These look like fun for both boys and girls

Diary Sets

Purses & Wallets

Very Cute Purse with a Heart🙂

Wallet for boys🙂

Jewelry Tray

Heart-Shaped Jewelry Tray 1

Heart-Shaped Jewelry Tray 2


Boys Tee and Girls

Girls Tee

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We love Him, because he first loved us (1 John 4:19).

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