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5 Essentials for a Holiday Guest Bathroom Including a Decor Update

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Are you prepping your home for guests during the holidays? I have been slowly making our home feel like home. But during the holidays there is always that extra spruce up that I love to do. It usually involves cleaning the house thoroughly and adding touches of holiday decor. Especially when we have guests coming over, I always desire to make sure our home is holiday ready so our guests could feel right at home.


Our bathroom on the first floor needed some attention. It is just a standard bathroom with a full bath but it was not decorated or guest ready at all. When we moved in during the summer, my plan was to use it as a powder room, quick bathroom trips, and for guests when they came by. Overtime, it became the everyday bathroom because most of time is spent downstairs anyway. It became the place to give kids bath and change their clothes frequently. This made it easier than having to go upstairs when we are in a rush. It also became a store all for bath and body products. While this worked well, I did not like how cluttered the bathroom became with all kinds of random ‘necessary’ items. I wanted to organize it but was not quite sure where to begin because there are so many other organization projects going on around here.

Bathroom Before

We’ve had a few guests over for the day and this is the bathroom they used. It was time to get it organized especially as the holidays are approaching and it’s our favorite time to have guests over. We also have a separate guests bathroom in our guest bedroom which is still in the making. But having this one downstairs holiday ready will benefit our guests who do not feel like climbing the steps to get to the other bathroom while we are hanging out downstairs. Plus if guests are only coming for the day, this is the bathroom that makes more sense for them to use. I’m so glad I took the time to decorate and organize this bathroom. When I was done with it I asked my husband if it looked girly with the pops of pink. He said it looked pretty neutral to him – made my day!! Sometimes I even forget that there are four full baths in this house. Now I’m inspired to get going on the next three. 

Make your Bathroom Guest Ready for the Holidays with these Essentials 

1.Decorative Items

Updating bathroom decor will definitely take out the boring and make it more welcoming. I got some “wows’ from my family once they came in and saw the bathroom decorated. And it only took me a couple of planned out items to get the correct look. I think it looks clean, simple, and chic!! 

Tip: Bathroom decor does not need to be complicated or cluttered. Choose pieces that are trendy, beautiful and functional and will still keep your bathroom looking clean. I snagged a few ‘Target’ trendy holiday items that made this possible.

  • A shower curtain: The overall color scheme of the bathroom is drawn from this beautiful shower curtain that I found at Target. My original thought was to go with a white shower curtain but when I saw this one I knew it was coming home with me. Isn’t it beautiful?! Before I put it up I was a bit unsure if the diamonds would be too much but they are not. We really love this curtain. I might just get another one for the kids bathroom upstairs. I’m working on a similar color scheme for the girl’s bedroom.


  • Faux flowers: There is nothing like a jar of flowers to add quick decor and beauty to a space. I used one of the gold dipped vases that I DIY-ed a few weeks ago to store the flowers.
  • Decorative plate used as a tray: Necklaces, watches, rings, or whatever nick-nacks can have their own home while the guest visits. Notice the words on the plate. It is beautiful, functional, and very encouraging. Even the toilet brush holder is pretty. It too is a bathroom necessary but of course, I had to find a beautiful one. After all, I wanted the bathroom to look like I spent time making it welcoming and not just thrown together. 
  • I also added this star candle in mercury glass votive: I love the star shape that goes along with the holidays.


  • Tooth brush holder: I also used a gold mercury glass votive from Target as a toothbrush holder. I’m really loving these trendy gold and silver mercury glass decorative items.
  • Pretty hand soap dispenser: Encourage guests to wash their hands after using the bathroom by placing a pretty soap dispenser on or beside a hand towel.  
  • Decorative hand towel: I also added an accented hand towel because all I had on hand was white. I love how the gold compliments the rest of the decor.


  • I also added a couple bath rugs. I chose to keep the color white because the shower curtain already has the gold accents. Again, they are acting as functional decorations. 


2. A Welcome Basket with Extra Bath and Body Supplies

The basket should include items such as body wash, shampoo, lotion, etc. If your guest forgets something, he or she should feel free to use the supplies in the basket. I put a toothbrush and a small tube of toothpaste in the lovely votive above but they could also go into the welcome basket. Tip: Keep the toothbrush in it’s original packaging to keep it free from dust. Plus avoid your guest from feeling awkward about using a toothbrush that is opened (even if it is new). 


To make your guest feel extra special, include a note in the welcome basket to let them know you appreciate their visit and want to make their stay enjoyable.


Download it here: thanks-for-being-our-guest-printable


3. Extra Bath Towels, Hand Towels, and Washcloths

I’m not sure what guest brings his own towel when he or she visits friends or family. Have some extra on hand in places where they could easily be found. You may consider areas such as on the edge of the bathtub, on a towel rack, and also in a storage basket.



3. A Laundry Basket and Hangers

If your guest is staying over for a few days and would love to do some laundry, a laundry basket in the bathroom may be helpful. Also, having a few hangers for hanging clothes might be an added bonus.


4. First Aid Bin or Kit: You never know when a guest may need to use something from the first aid bin. And if they have kids with them, it is always a good thing to have on hand. Put the necessaries such as bandages, skin cleaning solutions, ointments, essentials, etc.

5.Toilet Paper: Let’s face it, you could never have too much toilet paper on hand. But it’s often the thing that we sometimes run out off and have to make those quick stops at the store to purchase. My husband is the main toilet paper buyer in this house. He always counts the sheets to make sure it’s worth the money. When we first got married and I saw him doing that I was like, “what are you doing?” He explained to me how he always counts the sheets. So now even when we are  out shopping together, I will ask him to chose the toilet paper. On occasion I will pick up some rolls too but I don’t really count the sheets. I just estimate by their looks or choose the regulars and move on.


But I have discovered a new brand of toilet tissues at Target that helps solve my non-counting sheet problem. It may become your best friend too if you are like me. It’s Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong® Mega Rolls with extra sheets. It’s fuller and lasts longer which makes for less trips to the store to buy toilet tissue. Don’t you just love a good find?!


If your house will be full of guests for the holidays, you will definitely want to keep your guest bathroom perfect and put together. It does not matter if they are staying for a day or a few days. With Quilted Northern Mega Rolls you can stock up and not have to worry about running out of paper for the season (because no one wants their guest to experience a bath tissue run out!) Even better, you can snag these Quilted Northern Mega Rolls on sale by using this Cartwheel offer. You can also enter the sweepstakes to win over $1000 in Target giftcard™. ‘Tis the season for a full house – so make sure the bath tissue roll is full too with Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong® Mega Rolls:) 

#QuiltedHoliday Sweepstakes

quilted-northern-ultra-soft-and-strong-toilet-paperI even added these pretty labels to the extra supplies storage bins for our guests including one with Quilted Northern Mega Rolls. Don’t you just love pretty organization that is also welcoming to others? I got the labels from Target and DIY- ed the writing. It is an easier option as opposed to creating and printing them out. I understand that not everyone may have access to a home printer or may know how to create labels online. You could added these pretty labels to storage bins and customize them to your liking. 


The labels come in white with two different neutral color rims, gold and silver. I used the gold ones for the bins.


Use whatever color marker you prefer to write on the labels. You can even use different colors. I used black for all the bins except on the ‘extra supplies’ bin above. I used gold for the writing on that one. Personalize them more by adding dots, stars, lines, etc. The possibilities are endless.


It’s pretty obvious what’s in some of the bins, of course. But the labels added that extra touch and clarifies the items in certain bins that they could use. Tip: Be sure to give your guests a walk-through and show them where these extra storage items. If they run out of something that is not visible, they would not be left feeling awkward to call out or search the cabinets for what they need.


So these are my five favorite essentials to include in our bathroom to make it guest ready for the holidays. It’s nice to have a separate guest bathroom but if you don’t have one, use your everyday bath and spruce it up a little with these tips. As I mentioned before, this is our everyday bathroom downstairs but it was made guest ready for the holidays just by taking the time to include these essentials. 5-essentials-for-a-holiday-guest-bathroom-including-a-decor-update

How do you prepare your bathroom for guests during the holidays? Will you be stocking up on Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong Mega Rolls to ensure you have enough toilet tissues on hand for the season? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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20 thoughts on “5 Essentials for a Holiday Guest Bathroom Including a Decor Update

  1. Your guest bathroom looks so pretty and ready for all your holiday guests. I love how you included the free printable welcome note. Everything looks so neat and tidy and organised. I LOVE the shower curtain!

  2. I love the idea of putting labels on everything for your guests, especially if it’s a bathroom the family also uses for every day. that way they’re sure they are welcome to use the items stored in the bathroom. Very chic touches and thanks for the printable! {client}

  3. The guest basket is a really nice idea. Under your sink is so organized!! I really like the idea of having a tray in the guest bath for rings and jewelry, too! I typically have one in the guest bedroom, but it makes sense to have one in the bath as well.

  4. Love the printable! What a cute idea, Zan. And I don’t count sheets either! Not all sheets are created equal. But I do buy Quilted Northern in bulk in my house. Love it.

    1. Oh, so glad you usually buy Quilted Northern. It’s a new one to me but I love how thick and soft the sheets are. Isn’t the printable too cute?! I thought it was a great idea to add a little something to make guests feel even more welcome:)

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