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New Kitchen in the Playroom

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Thank you to Step2 for letting me test this item as part of the Step2 toy tester program. All opinions of the product are solely my own.

It’s always nice to have a play kitchen at home for small children, especially during the colder months when they spend more time inside. Our kids love to play pretend cooks and restaurant hosts and hostesses.  We’ve added a new play kitchen to their play room and they are enjoying using it. It’s so fun to watch them get creative as they cook and serve. Sometimes they’ll even bring me “food” and will have a name for the “type” of food.  


The former play kitchen was coming apart from various moving around and I just did not have the time to figure out how to fix it. But it was getting colder and my kids were wanting to play with their kitchen. I was ecstatic that Step2 allowed me and our kids to try out their Contemporary Chef Kitchen. It arrived within two days after I placed the order. When my husband called out to me saying that my “stuff” arrived, I had no idea to what he was referring. I was not expecting the kitchen to arrive so quickly. The kids were so excited and could not wait for it to be set up. 


It was an easy assembly but it would have been even easier if I assembled it while the kids were asleep. They kept taking the parts and playing with them as I was trying to put the kitchen together. Once I got it set up they began playing with it right away. They have played with it on a regular basis since. 




Look at all the centers in the kitchen, sink, fridge, stove, etc. It’s very compact – such a nice bonus to encourage lots of play. Even the utensils, cookware and serving dishes came with the kitchen. I also love that there are separate baskets and places to keep things tidy. All the kids enjoy playing with this kitchen although it is more suitable for young toddlers. Our 5 year old doesn’t mind because she loves to be a pretend cook. Baking is one of her favorite things to do just like her mom. 


Having the stove light up and make cooking noises is a plus. It’s like an imitation of a real stove without the real fire. This makes it interactive and at the same time fun for the kids. 




There is even a spot for a doggie. How fun is that! This little stuffed doggie has found its own spot in our home. 


Some other bonuses of the Step2 Contemporary Chef Kitchen are that it is not very big and not heavy. It’s made from hard plastic so is very durable. This all make it easy to move around and fit in tiny corners of the home. It’s one that will not take up lots of space in a room. The neutral color is is not only gender friendly but it will not show up too bright in a room that’s not specifically made for play, such as a living room. The kitchen could be placed in a tiny corner behind a couch or any place that the kiddos could feel free to be kids and play with their kitchen.


It’s really a neat little addition to the playroom. I’ve added a video so you could check out the demo of my girl demonstrating the use of the kitchen.

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What do you think of this new little kitchen? Do you have young kids who play with Step2 play kitchens? I would love to know in the comments. 


Thanks for Sharing!
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17 thoughts on “New Kitchen in the Playroom

  1. Pretend play is always great to encourage in children and I love how adorable they all three are playing in their new kitchen! It’s an awesome set up too with all those drawers and doors and knobs and tools! We always made sure our children and grandchildren had a play kitchen and they loved it. They have all outgrown it now but have transitioned into helping out with Mom or Grandma in the big kitchen which is nice.

  2. This is the sweetest. Both my boys had play kitchens and now my youngest will make dinner or dessert himself once a week! (He’s 10). He loved everything about a play kitchen and I think it’s a great way to encourage their imaginations!!

  3. My kids loved Stage2 products when they were little and I gifted a kitchen to the grandsons a few years ago. It still looks brand new. Your kids are adorable as always and I can tell they love their new kitchen. I haven’t seen this particular model and it really is contemporary and I’m loving all the features. What a great way to stretch their imaginations and learn to love cooking.

  4. So cute! I remember playing kitchen when I was little, and my kids did too. This is an awesome set-up from Step2. Imaginative play is vital for child development and super fun too! 🙂 Enjoy watching them.

    Life With Lorelai

  5. Aw your little play kitchen looks so cute in your playroom. My favorite part is that it encourages your kids and that all three of them can enjoy it together. I will have to check that kitchen out for my little niece! Thanks so much for sharing Zan!

  6. Pretend play is so important for kiddos! We had a play kitchen but the stuff got everywhere and I have it stored in the basement now. I want to get it back out! I love that all the kids play so well together – so cute!

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