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Cooking With Kids

Spooky Sparkling Drink for Kids

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This Spooky Sparkling Drink for Kids was one of the fun-iest drink creations I’ve made in a while.

Spooky-Sparkling-Halloween-Drink-for-Kid -

Sparkling Halloween Drinks for Kids

Your 2 Ingredient Spooky Sparkling Drink is a fun way to spice up a Halloween drink for your kids. All you need is a clear Sparkling drink and some large Ice-ray Edible Eyeballs. Decorate with a fake spider and throw in a cute, cool stray and you’re good to go! Yes Ma’am, it’s that easy!

Spooky Sparkling Drinks for Kids -

Spooky-Sparkling-Halloween-Drink-for-Kid -

Spooky-Sparkling-Halloween-Drink-for-Kid -

Halloween Drink Ideas for Kids

To create a Halloween drink idea for kids, you really don’t need much. You can try this with any clear drink such as Sparkling water, lemonade, or such. Don’t forget to choose drinks and flavors your kids already enjoy. If you give your kids soda, you can try that with drinks like Sprite, you might even venture to try it with a Coke (not sure how well the eyes will show , though).

Spooky-Sparkling-Halloween-Drink-for-Kid -

Spooky-Sparkling-Halloween-Drink-for-Kid -

Spooky-Sparkling-Halloween-Drink-for-Kid -

Spooky Sparkling Drink Recipe

What you need:

  • Sparkling Drink (Kid-friendly)
  • Eyeball Ice Cubes
  • Clear Cups or Glasses (I used Mason Jars)
  • Cute Straws (optional)
  • Decorative Spiders or Sugar Sprinkles (black, orange, purple, green, etc.)

What to do:

  • Free ice-cubes according to instructions
  • Once frozen, put about 3 of the cubes into a glass
  • Fill glass with Sparkling drink
  • Decorate cup (you can decorate the rim of the glasses before too by dipping them in colorful sugar sprinkles)

Spooky-Sparkling-Halloween-Drink-for-Kid -

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Spooky-Sparkling-Halloween-Drink-for-Kid -

Wasn’t that so easy? Now go grab some kind of drink and an eyeball ice-cubes from your Walmart or where-ever store you could find it, and get to making a fun drink for your kiddos this Halloween!

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