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10 Indoor Winter Family Activities to Do at Home – Free Printable List

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Looking for some indoor winter family activities to do at home during the winter? Add these 10 basic activities to the list. 

indoor winter activities

I’ve spoken to so many parents who view winter as days to feel a little depressed about staying indoors. It’s not that they don’t like winter but they just don’t know what to do during those winter days at home. I actually sort of welcome the idea of staying indoors and getting cozy. Our kids seem to have naturally accepted the concept that snow days are stay-home days (most times, that is). That does not mean that we don’t go out at all if needed to or just for fun. In fact, they were much smaller and not in school yet, we went shopping all the time, visited friends, went to indoor play areas, just to name a few. As they grew a bit more, we got into sledding. Once our girls started going to school, our littlest and I went to a bounce house almost every week during the winter. Something to add some fun for him and to get his mind from off his sisters. After all, they were his playmates during the day. But some days the kids would rather just hang out at home and play instead of facing the cold.

indoor winter activities

Creating Indoor Winter Activities and Coziness at Home

There’s something about staying in your own home on a snowy day and just enjoying the coziness you create. You can make that warmth and cozy possible by doing several activities together as a family. It doesn’t have to mean bored just because it’s winter. God has created all seasons and all things were made by Him for our enjoyment and for His glory (John 1:3 & 1 Timothy 6:17). If there’s winter where you are and you need some indoor activities to do with your family at home, you’ve come the right place. I’ve created this basic list of activities to help you. There’s also a free printable to help you keep track of the activities along with a spot to fill in your own ideas. Although we’ve done many of these activities at one point or another during winters, I think writing them now would help me, too.

indoor winter activities

indoor winter activities

10 Indoor Winter Activities to Do with your Family

  1. Decorate one or two cozy winter spots in your home (the mantle, the living or dining room, a reading area, etc).
  2. Bake with your kids (make some old favorite treats or try some new ones)
  3. Make a few crafts
  4. Read winter books (read by the fireplace if you have one)
  5. Make a hot cocoa and snack station
  6. Have a Tea party
  7. Have a game evening
  8. Enjoy popcorn and a movie day (or night)
  9. Have a sleepover (tell stories or watch a movie)
  10. Play in the snow (not indoor but still at home)
  11. Bonus: Indoor spa day (set aside an afternoon or so to do facials for dry winter skin, mani-pedis, music, relaxing)

indoor winter activities

Activities Can Be Repeated

Repeat these activities as needed. Don’t feel like you have to do them only one time and then find something new. 10 activities can cover 10 days and then can be repeated. You can even have a day or two in-between planned activities that you don’t have to do anything. It’s OK, the listed activities are suggestions for when you need ideas. Don’t feel like you HAVE to entertain daily to keep you and the family happy. Leave room for free play and to just to do nothing structured.

  • Kids always love sleepovers – have a couple of them.
  • Play in the snow for as much as there is snow (you too can get in the snow with the kids)
  • Have materials for about 3 to 4 different crafts and do one weekly.
  • Reading to the kids doesn’t have to have a limit
  • Baking with the kids can be done once a week
  • Treating the kids with hot cocoa or tea after playing with the snow can be repeated a few days a week

If your kids are in school, you can do some of the activities when they are off school on some evenings or on the weekend (if you choose). But this list of activities would help if you need something to do during the day especially if your kids are not in school, yet or if they are homeschooled. Hope you find the activities helpful to add a little bit of enjoyment to your winter home.

Download the Free Indoor Winter Activity List Printable

Indoor winter activity list

Do you struggle to find things to do at home during the winter? What is another activity you can come up with to add to the list?

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indoor winter activities

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