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Taking Control of the Laundry – My Laundry Routine

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Help take control of your laundry with these simple tips.

For me, the laundry is one of the most difficult task to keep up with in the house. Not that it’s a hard task in itself, if you’ve got a washer and dryer. Um, let’s not return to the years of doing laundry by hand, mk?! Oh, you have no idea about that? I do…. I have had my fair experience of doing laundry by hand – fun not so fun, especially when the laundry soap irritated my young fingers like crazy!

How to create a laundry schedule -

The Laundry Struggles

I’m sure we’ve all had our struggles with the laundry at one point or another. If you’ve figured out a system that works put it out there in the hemisphere for all to know.

  • write it on the walls,
  • post it on a blog,
  • share a video of it on Tiktok, Instagram or Youtube
  • I don’t know – just share it wherever, as long as it’s out there.

Because there are plenty of us out here who have just about given up on this whole laundry figuring out situation.

With that said, I’m here to discuss a few ways you and I can take control of that laundry. To be honest, I don’t know if there’s any perfect laundry system, but one can try and hope for the best, right?


How to create a laundry schedule -

A Load of Laundry a Day? Heck No!

Not I! Some people do a load a day to help keep the piles and clutter away. If a load of laundry a day works perfect for your family, that is awesome! Keep that system! Personally it’s not my favorite system. I just can’t imagine having to deal with doing laundry everyday. Although, some weeks it feels like a load-a-day is my current system. The biggest problem with a-load-a-day for me? The laundry was not being put away daily, so my clean loads piled up. What ended up happening is piles and piles of clean laundry being in our laundry room, hallway and my bedroom. Sometimes the baskets are overflowing with clothes just thrown on top because we don’t have the time to stand there and fold them from the dryer to a basket. Furthermore, when the clean baskets loads gets too much in the laundry room, I remove them to add baskets of what needs laundering. These clean baskets end up in my room since it’s so close to the laundry room or sometimes, in the hallway. I just can’t! That adds a lot of clutter and mental stress for me plus it’s difficult to find anything anyone needs in the piles, especially on busy days when you need to be somewhere already – 1/2 an hour ago.

I would much rather a system where I know there’s wiggle room to put away what is already washed than having the loads sit there while other loads gets washed and added. So in efforts to create something that works, here area few of my laundry hacks and tips (that absolutely may or may not be working).

Which Day of the Week to Do Laundry?

Here is my 2-cents take on this one. Which day of the week to do laundry will depend on the time you have. If you are a busy working mom or dad, I’d say choose a day when you think you can handle laundry. You can throw in a load in before work and dry it after work. But the thing is making sure you can put it away.

If your laundry is in a place where sleeping babies wouldn’t hear it at night, I’d say you can start your laundry the night before. So if Thursdays work for you, put in a late load Wednesday night. Let it run, then put it in the dryer in the morning. Put a new load in the washer, change it out when you come back. That way you will already have 2 loads done when you come from work. Then launder your other loads that evening.

How to create a laundry schedule -

What is A Good Laundry Routine?

I have tried various ways to come up with a good laundry system – much to my surprise, it’s still a fail. Haha

I’ve recently had a new system of no laundry on Sundays because even that became a situation once I started working. But guess what happened that first Sunday? Dad did laundry! Doesn’t that always seem to happen? You create a system and someone decides to do that thing they haven’t done before on the day your system begins?! Say whattttt!

Create a schedule and try to keep it. I understand that it may be difficult to keep a laundry schedule because there are days you will inevitably have to wash something extra but having a schedule will somewhat help with keeping your sanity. Just keep trying. There are many ways you can create a laundry schedule but here are two ideas.

2 Laundry Schedules Ideas

Idea 1:

  • Saturday – Any clothing, Bedding, Towels (bath towels, kitchen towels, cleaning rags), & miscellaneous. Bedding could be laundered on a weekly or bi-weekly rotation
  • Monday – Things worn over the weekend thrown in one load & any miscellaneous (this should be small). Mondays should only be one or two loads
  • Wednesday – Kids & Mom’s Clothing (1 load each – shouldn’t be much for the past two days). You can do a small things load also like underwear
  • Thursday – Dad’s (Bulky so may seem like a lot), 2-3 loads depending on what dad wears during the week

Break days – Tuesday, Friday and Sunday

Idea 2:

  • Monday – Towels, sheets and bedding (weekly or bi-weekly)
  • Tuesday – Kids clothing
  • Thursday – Parents clothing
  • Saturday – Miscellaneous, Cleaning Rags

Break days – Wednesday, Friday and Sunday

Note: Do you have smaller children? Don’t sweat it, all the little clothing can be washed in one load. When my kids were between the ages of 4-6, all their clothes was just one tiny basket I did on Tuesdays and then again on Fridays or Saturdays. They are currently still at the age where their load fits in one standard laundry basket but I now separate the whites from the coloreds and also, the underclothing and socks. No, not four loads of the kids only. I do a load of white socks with everybody’s white socks. And their undies along with mines.

Rugs and Mats – These can be done as needed.

  • Rugs can be shampooed and vacuumed or washed if they are washable
  • Bath Mats – My go-to is usually a month between laundering
  • Other Mats – Nah,  I don’t go through the process of keeping a schedule with these. But if I find that they are getting to a point beyond recognition, then I’ll wash them.


How to create a laundry schedule -

When to Fold the Laundry

I would advice fold and put away the same day as washing so your laundry don’t pile up like mine. However, some may find it helpful to wash now and fold later. Be sure if you are going to go that direction, put clean laundry in a way that makes sense to you in the baskets.

I’ve know some who fold laundry in their living room while watching a TV show or movie. I know a blogger who did that on Fridays. She used to talk about her laundry folding times either on her blog or Instagram. I don’t remember where.

I did this with morning shows when everyone was gone to work and school and also evening times when everyone was home. Not because I’d necessarily dedicated that times to put away laundry, it was just the times available to fold and the TV show happened to be on that same time. Judge Judy anyone? Our laundry room is currently upstairs, it’s just easier to dump the clothes on my bed, then fold away.

Basically, choose a time that works but don’t wait too long for loads to pile upon loads. It just gets cluttered, clothes a wrinkled mess, and no one can find their stuff when needed.

Either way, whether you choose to fold now or later, keep all your clean laundry in one spot until you’re able to fold them or put them in baskets in their individual rooms (this help will illuminate clutter) in one spot.


How to create a laundry schedule -

How to create a laundry schedule -

Laundry Supplies to Make Sure You Have on Hand

  • Laundry baskets
  • Laundry detergent
  • Other laundry supplies

Extra tips:

Keep your laundry room clean and organized. This will help you wash without the extra clutter and not finding the supplies when needed.

That’s all I got my friends. I hope you can find a hack or tip or two from here to help make your laundry experience better than mine. Haha. But seriously, if you struggle with the laundry, I sure hope this post have given you ideas to help make things much better.

How to create a laundry schedule -

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How to create a laundry schedule -

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